as i sip i identify tastes for what i know and use metaphor for what i do not.

firstly, this is a very soothing blend, as stated. i like vanilla and mint, but they can taste medicinal and i am not a huge fan of lavender. that said, these three elements are a trio, cleverly bonded and timed by stacy and her team! … … (at least i hope she has a team, otherwise this is a whole lot of work for one person). the flavours hit the tongue in sequence— like notes played on a piano:

vanilla (must have been tumbled in a dryer because it is warm and round)
mint (slight sharp sensation)
lavender (toned down and doesn’t crawl up my nose)
leaves a fresh palate.

now the guayasa is something i am unfamiliar with before this tea (yes i know it may have been wiser to sample my sample of plain guayasa first but that didn’t happen so hush! =0) the guayasa adds a further depth to the piano playing flavours reminiscent of benign roots… not like roasted roots (ie parsnips at thanksgiving) more like an alternate earth smell.

alright, this will sound vaguely nuts but what’s new in my reviews? you know when you’re gardening and you pull up something dangerous, deadly nightshade say, and there is this horrible twang that makes you want to shove tea tree oil up your nose to make it quit? THAT IS NOT THE KIND OF ROOT I MEAN. have you ever pulled up one of those huge wanna-be-a-tree dandelions along with its foot and a half long tap root? it doesn’t smell just like soil… it smells sweet and basic, no astrigency. THAT is the root i mean.

i like this! i think (as usual) i will have to tinker a bit, i want it stronger than the directions recommend. i also am getting used to the entirely different way of disseminating caffeine… i can feel it in my body, but haven’t tasted it on my tongue. i suspect that trying to compare this tea to any other kind of leafed tea will leave you frustrated.

PS: contrary being that i am i prefer an 8 minute steep over the recommended 6. it really is a beautiful and effective tea. two cups this morning served as breakfast and lunch and wake up. no crash, no loss of energy. excellent!

195 °F / 90 °C 6 min, 0 sec

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Student. Recovering extreme volunteer social worker from Tent City Victoria BC. (<—12 months).

There are instances where life affects us profoundly and leaves us wondering: 1) how did I change so much so quickly? (or more likely) 2) was I ever who I thought I was?

-Student of mediation.
-Apprentice feather gatherer for First Nations.
-Silver linings, photography, music, tea and the rhythms of the environment.

Allergies: coffee, rooiboos, stevia.

Current favourite quote (given the last year): ‘Just because we check the guns at the door, doesn’t mean our brains will change from hand grenades.’~ 21 pilots





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