drank Darjeeling Green Tea by Chamong
675 tasting notes

I think of this as a really classic green tea. It’s a light green color with a flowery aroma. The flavor is nutty, almost savory, with a hint of rice. It’s also a bit dry, if that makes sense.

I like to drink this when I’m working because it stays tasty even if you forget to take the teabag out, and it re-steeps well either way. It never gets bitter. It is also nice and energizing. I shared this tea with a co-worker when he was feeling very tired and he said that it picked him right up. I also like this as an iced tea – I brew hot, add honey, leave the teabags in there, and let it cool (first on the counter and then in the fridge).

This is hands-down my favorite tea. I bought a three-pack (totaling 60 bags) on sale in December and I’m down to 8 bags. The only reason I haven’t ordered more is because it distracts me from trying the other teas in my cupboard!

For the record (and the skeptics), I have no affiliation with this company and no one has paid me to write this review.

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