The dry leaves of this smell just like cantaloupe. And these leaves are so cool — the long needle-like shapes unfurl into these beautiful big, full leaves. The brew smells delicately but distinctly like cantaloupe. How does this taste JUST LIKE a nice juicy cantaloupe? Oh wow. The cantaloupe hits you right up front. And all the way through. The creaminess really comes out towards the end of the sip and in the aftertaste. I think this is the same cream flavoring that Stacy uses in the Pistachio Ice Cream, but this tea doesn’t have the same ice cream-y quality. Maybe the nuttiness of that tea versus the sweetness of this one makes the difference?

This resteeps beautifully. The cantaloupe flavor is still just right. The creaminess is mostly gone, but that’s fine. The base tea really comes out instead. It’s grassy and dry, complementing the sweetness of the cantaloupe.

Heck, this even holds up to a third steep. As you might expect, the cantaloupe flavor is diminished further, though it’s definitely there and somehow still juicy. The base tea is really lovely here – vegetal and lush. I suspect this might hold up for a fourth steep, but I have other teas to get to so it’s time to move on. Again, though, I ask in wonder, how does this taste so perfectly like cantaloupe? I’m SO glad that I bought this one!

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