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Another subject in my ongoing experimental series, “guess what’s in this tea without looking at the description” (suggestions for a better title are welcome and encouraged). I believe that I got this from our Taste of France swap, but I don’t know who gave it to me. Thanks to whoever it was!

I picked this out for its lovely minty scent. The auto complete on my phone just suggested that I follow “minty” with “frosting”, which sounds delicious and now I want a chocolate cupcake with minty frosting. That would actually go pretty well with this tea, though vanilla would probably be even better.

Aaanyway, this has a clean spearmint smell. The first few sips are a great balance of spearmint and good quality green tea, with a hint of lemon. As I kept drinking, the (very natural) lemon flavor really came to the fore and stayed there. The spearmint kept playing around the edges and kept this from being a boring lemon tea. This tastes exactly like what it purports to be.

I generally dislike lemon teas because they either taste fake or like plain tea with some lemon juice squeezed in. If I want my tea with lemon, I’ll just make tea and add lemon in exactly the proportion I like. But this tea has a lemon taste that is simultaneously natural and less acidic than lemon juice. The added element of the mint really makes this stand out for me as an enjoyable cuppa.

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