Gah! Peppermint! It’s good, but…brisk. Definitely not for the faint of heart. Actually, perfect for the faint of heart. Like smelling salts, this tea will revive you. It’s a rooibos though, so don’t expect the kick to last.

The dry leaf smells overwhelmingly like peppermint with an undercurrent of white chocolate. Brewed, the peppermint smell mellows out and I can make out white chocolate and some of the woodiness of the rooibos base. The flavor is actually overwhelmingly peppermint with a distinct honey tone. No white chocolate, though. As it cools, the honey turns into white chocolate. Iced, the white chocolate flavor is dominant with a lingering peppermint note. I quite prefer this tea hot. There’s something addictive about this one. It’s nice to help soothe a migraine, too. This tea may well end up in my permanent rotation.

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