drank Citrus Dream by Butiki Teas
657 tasting notes

I know I wrote a review for this one before, but it has disappeared. :-(

I mostly drank this one hot. I don’t remember the details now but I do recall it being citrusy and light. I thought it would be really good iced, so I hot brewed and then refrigerated the last bit of this.

I was wrong. This is not good iced. The citrus works really well when this is hot. Cold, the chamomile comes to the fore and just totally overshadows the citrus. Cold chamomile = blegh.

EDIT: I just found this snippet of a note when I went to delete this tea from my chart: “amazing cold – sweet, citrusy, smooth, refreshing”. I must have really enjoyed this blend as an iced tea at some point. I wonder what went wrong this time? Maybe I’ll pick up a sample with my next order just to play around with. Try to solve the mystery.

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