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a very yummy tea if not the best semi aged sheng ever. i love the mix of flavors. i will do a full review around the 15th


just a note: at a little over 140$ CAD i dont think ill buy a cake soon even the sample is a little over 14$ CAD. but slightly better than 2003 cnnp mengsong iron cake which can be found here —→ https://yunnansourcing.com/products/2003-cnnp-mengsong-qiao-mu-iron-cake-raw-pu-erh-tea-cake

i love both

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i received a small sample of lemon slices from teavivre for free with my order.

it would be unfair to do a full review as it’s just lemon slices.

ru yao dragon teapot, gongfucha

one slice: yummy! just a tad weak.
two slices: much better. goes best with two slices and a 265 ml teapot and long steeps.

i even ate the slices. puckery face and all :D

i rate a 90/100. i suggest you try it :D

where to buy: http://www.teavivre.com/lemon-slices-herbal-tea/

does anyone know how to dehydrate lemon slices (or any other fruit) without an dehydrator?

does anyone know the health benefits of drinking hot lemon tea?

195 °F / 90 °C

ah! a very lengthy, wise, and helpful reply! thank you so much!

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spring 2017 Lu Shan yun wu green tea by Teavivre

Ru Yao dragon teapot.

Dry leaf: green, grass, sweet, vegetal.

Wet leaf: green,seaweed, vegetal, Spinach, soy sauce.

Light steep; I taste/smell: (smell) light —> green, seaweed, spinach, soy sauce. (Taste) slight bitter. light sweet. Medium -→ green, spinach, seaweed, soy sauce, carrots(?), green peas(?).

Medium steep; I taste/smell: (smell) light —> green, seaweed, spinach, soy sauce. (Taste) too strong. But I taste really strong -→ green, sweet, seaweed, spinach, soy sauce.

Heavy steep: not going to bother.

All in all the lightest steep was nice. I guess this tea is not for me. I rate a 40/100

where to buy: http://www.teavivre.com/lu-shan-yun-wu-green-tea/

Flavors: Bitter, Grass, Green, Seaweed, Soy sauce, Spinach, Sweet, Vegetal

180 °F / 82 °C 7 g 165 OZ / 4879 ML

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well on his old site they had a stock number. they dont have on his new site. well they’ve had cakes from years ago so i can only hope.


@loudao: they pressed about 2000 cakes

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i did an experiment! so i tried some jia ji raw tuo sheng and some lemon slices. weird tasting sheng notes with a lemony twist :P not doing this again

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Teavivre’s 2017 bi lo chun. (Pi lo chun) green tea.

Ru Yao dragon teapot.


Dry leaf: peppery, green, grass.
Forgot to take photo. Looks like pi lo chun like usual.

Wet leaf: peppery, green, grass, vegetal, spicy(?).

Light steep; I taste/smell: (smell) slight —> pepper, vegetal, green.
(Taste) smooth light -→ green, pepper, grass, sweet, rain forest (!).

Medium steep; I taste/smell: (smell) slight pepper. light —> green, vegetal, shrimp (?). (Taste) light pepper. Medium bitterness. Strong -→ mineral, rainforest, grass, asperagus.

Heavy steep; I taste/smell: (smell) slight —> green, grass, pepper. (Taste) light. -→ green, vegetal, grass, rainforest, pepper, Sweet.

All in all, YUM! Great cha qi, flavours, and nice aromas. It’s like walking though a garden, tea garden, rainforest, or even tasting through a garden or even a tea garden! I definitely recommend at least trying this tea! i rate an 80!

Flavors: Asparagus, Bitter, Grass, Green, Mineral, Pepper, Rainforest, Smooth, Sweet, Vegetal

195 °F / 90 °C 7 g 6 OZ / 165 ML

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Angel full hand made rare organic she qian long Jing green tea. Limited edition from Teavivre.

Gongfucha review. Ru Yao dragon teapot.

Dry leaf: green, vegetal, sweet.

Wet leaf: green, chestnut, vegetal, sweet.

Light steep; I taste/smell: (smell) slight —> green, vegetal, chestnut. (Taste) light -→ green, vegetal, sweet, grass, chestnut, mineral, smooth.

Medium steep; I taste/smell: (smell) light —> sweet, green, vegetal, chestnut. (Taste) medium -→ smooth, green, grass, sweet, vegetal, chestnut, mineral, metallic (unknown), green peas, asparagus, beans (?).

Heavy steep; I taste/smell: (smell) light something but I can’t put my nose on it. (Taste) medium to strong —> metallic (iron and copper). slight to light -→ grass (?) green (?) I don’t know…

All in all an amazing tea! I’m not sure if it’s worth the rare status but it’s yummy :D. Nice cha qi! I rate a 75/100.

Flavors: Asparagus, Chestnut, Grass, Green, Metallic, Mineral, Peas, Smooth, Sweet, Vegetal

200 °F / 93 °C 5 g 6 OZ / 165 ML

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Hello everyone!

I’m back from a months tea hiatus. In that time I was drinking coffee

Coffee!? Oh noes! Well I’m drinking tea and coffee nowadays.

This tea is still lovely. It has mellowed a bit since I last drank it.

I also found out you get a better cleaner tastier brew if you break off flat chunks or intact leaves. I decided not to use but discard broken leaves when gongfuing.


i just store it in grandmas room in its wrapper. not ideal…. i suggest a better method though :) like a pumidor.

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Handmade long Jing high mountain (dragonwell) green tea. From JK teahouse.


Ru Yao dragon teapot, gongfucha.

Dry leaf: green, vegetal, fresh cut grass.

Wet leaf: fresh cut grass, vegetal, green, chestnut.

Light steep; I taste/smell: (smell) light —> fresh cut grass, chestnut, green, vegetal, pepper (?). (Taste) light -→ sweet, grass, pepper, spices(?), green, vegetal, chestnut.

Medium steep; I taste/smell: (smell) light —> green, vegetal, grass, chestnut. (Taste) light to medium
-→ chestnut, freshly cut grass, sweet, pepper, spices (?), green, vegetal.

Heavy steep; I taste/smell: (smell) light —> chestnut, grass, vegetal. (Taste) medium -→ freshly cut grass, sweet(aftertaste), chestnut (?).
Strong —→ bitterness, pepper.

All in all a yummy tea, nice cha qi, nice aromas. I rate a 80/100.

give it a try.

Where to buy: not sure if this is the one.

Flavors: Bitter, Chestnut, Freshly Cut Grass, Grass, Green, Pepper, Spices, Sweet, Vegetal

195 °F / 90 °C 10 g 6 OZ / 165 ML

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How I rate my tea:

Light steep 15s

Medium steep 30s

Heavy steep 1min or greater

Within the steeps:

Smell then taste.





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