drank Ginkgo Clarity by Yogi
4 tasting notes

Important Note:
This is not an actual tasting note, as I haven’t been able to brew a cup and don’t intend to.

I was given a box of this tea, or it wouldn’t be in my house. I don’t know why Yogi seems to think licorice goes with everything, but just the scent of the stuff makes me gag. Perhaps I’m super-sensitive, but I’m getting a nauseating licorice whiff from the sealed box. I note that licorice is the second item on the “Proprietary Blend of Herbs,” right under peppermint. Frankly, there is not enough peppermint on the planet to negate the nasty yuck factor of licorice.

Bottom Line:

If you hate licorice, avoid this tea like the plague. If you love licorice, you’ll probably be delighted. Me, I’m planning to foist this box off on the first of my friends that expresses an interest.

Flavors: Licorice

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