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This is from last week. Importing from my notebook :) (Just found steepster!)

I was not impressed with this at all. I really really wanted to be. My notes say to try this iced- which isn’t something I would expect from a black tea. I was underwhelmed, but drank it all during work. :)

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Tried this last week, before I found steepster. Made notes in my notebook!

This was a really empty blend, to me. Maybe I need to amp up the amount of tea I added. But it was boring to drink, bland, barely flavored. KIND of fitting for it’s namesake though, if you’re a fan of Dragon Age. But I expected an “unexpected” spark of something special. Since Sandal is … very special.

Will finish off my sample, but that’s it.

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drank Wild Strawberry by Adagio Teas
41 tasting notes

Freaking love this blend. It is, currently, my go-to dessert tea. Sweet and juicy, it’s a slap of strawberry. Drinking it by itself is almost like drinking syrup (in my head, it’s not that sweet!). It begs to be mixed with something. I’m going to have to find strawberry adagio blends. :)

A fav of mine.

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drank White Blueberry by Adagio Teas
41 tasting notes

Not drinking right now, but logging it since I just uploaded my entire cupboard XD

I thought this was a relaxing, simple blend. The blueberry is a little understated and not a “juicy” blend (when compared to the strawberry, especially). But it’s very good. Great iced. I likely wont purchase it again, but will enjoy any samples that come my way. :)

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drank Coconut by Adagio Teas
41 tasting notes

I adooore coconut so this was a must to try for me.

Scent-wise, this tea doesn’t disappoint. It’s coconut in the bag, as it steeps, in my cup. I could just sit and inhale this all day. Raw and dirty coconut. Yum.

I’ve tried a few of the flavored black teas from Adagio lately, and I think I need to just try their plain black ceylon- because I’m starting to think I dislike it in general. All of the flavored ceylon’s I’ve tried have been slightly bitter to me (ginger was the worst).

This is the least bitter of the flavored teas so far. The coconut seems to smooth off the tannin’s bite a bit more (while ginger in the ginger blend accentuated it). It also has a kind of after-taste of coconut that coats the tongue, which I kind of enjoy :)

Overall this isn’t my favorite tea, but I’ll finish off my sample happily. This is a great candidate for Butter tea. :)

Boiling 3 min, 45 sec

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drank Ginger by Adagio Teas
41 tasting notes

Trying out all the samples from Adagio I haven’t gotten to yet. I’ve never had a ginger Tea before, so was curious.

It has a bite. But unfortunately I can’t distinguish the ginger bite from the black tea’s bitterness. They play off each other and make this rather unpleasant for me. I may have over-steeped this? Next round I’ll try under-steeping and see if the flavor profile changes at all.

As the tea cooled down, the ginger became more obvious and the bitterness less. But it wasn’t very pleasant to drink straight. Perhaps if cut with cream and sugar? But then that’s just sort of sad.

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

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drank Oriental Spice by Adagio Teas
41 tasting notes

This was my Sunday morning caffeine. I made it straight/plain. I may have oversteeped it a touch (dog started harassing me and I got distracted! lol). It was slightly bitter, heavy on the citrus, and had a sort of “christmas” vibe to it. I swear it had clove in it, but I probably just don’t know my spices well enough.

I’ll likely try this in Butter Tea in the future. But plain, it wasn’t very enjoyable.

4 min, 0 sec

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Loved this. A refreshing summer blend, great iced.

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This didn’t do anything special for me. It was, basically, a standard black tea. The Cocoa took away the harshness black tea can have, but it made it overall just mediocre and forgettable. Maybe cream & sugar would make it more fun,

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drank Spiced Green by Adagio Teas
41 tasting notes

I expected this to be mediocre, to be honest. But I was pleasantly surprised by how tasty this was to drink. It was not spicey, I wouldn’t compare it to a full-blown chai by any means. But it was easy to drink, just spicey enough to entertain my tongue. This goes well with a little honey and lemon for colds too. Might become my “staple” green tea.

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I discovered a love for tea when I started a Ketogenic diet (http://www.reddit.com/r/keto). Cutting carbs/sugars meant I needed a daily caffeine fix in another form. I don’t like coffee by itself (and I dislike fake sweetners if possible), Mountain Dew is out of the question. Tea?

I started with very little tea knowledge. I grew up with my mom’s herbal tea blends that I hated – and every so often I’d get something from the grocery store to try out. No good. So when I went on my keto journey, I threw myself into learning about teas. I grabbed samples from all over the web and changed everything I knew about tea.

Now – I only drink tea by itself. No addins at all. I prefer black blends, or single-note greens. I like robust teas that don’t taste like flavored water, instead are a whole entity to themselves. I love matchas, masalas, and genmaichas. I’m learning about all kinds of teas – the possibilities seem endless. Yum.

My rating system, roughly:

100 = I will Marry You.
90-99 = Adore. Stockpile time!
70-89 = Good. Wishlisting this stuff!
50-69 = Decent, will finish my stock but not likely to buy again.
40-49 = Not a fan. Will try to sell/trade/give away my stock
00-39 = Crap. Maybe I’ll give it away. Maybe I’ll use it as fertilizer.


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