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By Yavanna, this smells good. There is a malty chocolate scent at first, then I get more yams. The flavour is pastry flavour, along with more sweet cocoa notes. Goes great with my fantasy novels, and my Japanese historical fiction.

Flavors: Chocolate, Cocoa, Pastries, Yams

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Picked out as a sample for me. This smells mostly vegetal. The flavour is a bit sweet, and a little medicinal. Probably not the best to have with my eggs.

Not really my cuppa, but glad I got to try it anyway.

Flavors: Medicinal, Vegetal

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Since I don’t have a gaiwan (yet), I’m having this in yellow flower much. Smells nicely like rose. Like I put some flowers in my kitchen. The flavour is mildly floral and a little sweet. Don’t really get much of the base tea, but I like the rose.

Flavors: Floral, Flowers, Rose

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One of my tea samples. I like Assam a lot, so I wanted to try this one.

It has that malty scent. Which was present more in the dry leaves. The flavour is on the mild side. There is a bit fruity sweetness as well.

Flavors: Fruity, Malt

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Another one of my samples. I like to try breakfast blends, so I was interested in the Chinese one. It smells mostly malt, and a bit earthy. There is a malty earth flavour as well. The tea is on the bold side, and has a bit of sweetness.

Thanks for the sample, Tao Tea Leaf.

Flavors: Earth, Malt

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This tea comes in a pretty red package. There is a scent of nuts and seaweed in the dry leaf. When brewed, I get more orchids. The flavour is a bit floral, with some sweet, nutty notes. Overall, I get mostly flowers. Thanks to Teavivre for the sample.

Flavors: Nutty, Orchids, Seaweed

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Phoenix, rise again in my tea mug. It has a baked bread, and raspberry scent. Got a little wood in the dry leaf. The flavour is kinda toasty, with hints of raisins. Mild raisin toast, perhaps. There is a nice, mild sweetness. (Goes well with anime and farming games.)

Thanks for the sample, Teavivre.

Flavors: Baked Bread, Grain, Grapes, Raisins, Raspberry, Wood

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Another of my samples. When I first opened the package, I got a fruity scent. Perhaps dark cherries or plum. And a little pine. There is a more bread-like scent in the brew. The flavour is mostly fruit, with some baked bread notes, and very mild smokiness.

Flavors: Baked Bread, Cherry, Fruity

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Firstly, I like the new sample packaging. Steeped it Western (I don’t have a gaiwan yet) style. This tea smells malty. There is a sweet, malty flavour. It’s nicely smooth.

Very nice to have with my farming video games. (Ceylon the cat says ‘meow’.)
Thanks for the sample.

Flavors: Malt, Sweet

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Having tea in the Grand Canyon with dragons is fun. The leaves smell so nicely like strawberry. There is more of a floral scent in the brew. I get a light, sweet berry flavour, with floral notes and a mild hint of cream. Better than I remember. Still tastes like Spring.

Thanks to Teavivre for the sample.

Flavors: Creamy, Floral, Strawberry


I recall liking this one a bit. The strawberry was not too strong…just a hint. So nice. :)

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After many years of drinking coffee, I’ve recently become a tea convert.

Faves- Black Tea (Preferably Chinese- Most Gold/Golden), Assam, Nilgiri, Oolong
Likes- Pu-Erh (Shou), Green (Chinese or Japanese), Interesting Tisanes, Dessert Blends/ Flavoured Teas, Masala Chai, Honeybush/ Rooibos, Ceylon
Dislikes- Smokey Teas, Hibiscus, Licorice Root, Chicory
Exploring- Sheng Pu’erh, White Tea, Sticky Rice Mini Tuocha
Fruity Flavours- Lychee, Muscat, White Peach, Fig, Apple, Bergamot
Other flavours- Rose, Lavender, Vanilla, Cream

95- 100: By Yavanna, it’s amazing!
89- 94: my favourite
85- 88: it’s fantastic
81- 84: really like
75- 80: like
70- 74: it’s okay
69 and below: meh
unrated: still unsure


Sandia Mountains, New Mexico

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