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This is my new favourite tea! I was so excited to see this tea on the David’s Tea spring collection – honeydew is my favourite fruit and I needed some more mate variety. This one did not disappoint. It actually tastes like honeydew. It isn’t too sweet which is also great.

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I visited David’s Tea yesterday with the sole purpose to pick up some of the much anticipated Birthday Cake flavour. Needless to say – I was not disappointed, this is one of the best flavoured rooibos, or any type of tea for that matter, that I have ever had. David’s Tea was offering samples of Birthday Cake yesterday in the store, and the store smelled like the candles on a cake had just been blown out. It was fabulous. I sampled the tea, and it was delicious, and bought some to take home. I went home and proceeded to drink 4 cups of it – it’s just that good. Yes, it was a tad sweet, but I do enjoy sweet teas – especially in the form of rooibos! So skip that piece of cake after dinner, and skip right over to this healthy version of the delicious dessert!

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This tea is fantastic! It totally tastes like a hot cup of amaretto. It’s one of my favourite dessert teas, as the tea is quite sweet. The almond and coconut comes through in the taste quite magnificently, though the almond flavour is a lot stronger. Smells delicious too!

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It’s almost fall… which means the decadent flavours of fall are also back! Pumpkin Chai is back at David’s Tea and it’s absolutely scrumptious. Chai is one of the few tea flavours that I actually dislike, but in the case of Pumpkin Chai, it’s amazing! The tea is more sweet than spicy, so if you approach chai with apprehension, such as myself, you may be able to handle this tea. The caramel and cinnamon are definitely the flavours that shine in this tea.

I tried this tea in the form of a latte as well (steeped with almond milk, and a tiny bit of vanilla), and it was spectacular! Probably the best tea I’ve turned into a latte yet. Yum!

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WOW. This tea is CRAZY. I couldn’t resist picking up a bag of Movie Night after smelling it at David’s Tea. It smells EXACTLY like buttered popcorn. I wasn’t sure how the flavour would come out in terms of taste, but it had me at the smell.

Well the taste was just as good as the smell! It really does taste like buttered popcorn, with hints of sweet notes from the apple and maple. Yes, it sounds strange, and if you smell it, you’d probably think the same. But, it really does work as a tea! You get the guilt free taste of popcorn in the form of a delicious tea!

I definitely recommend this tea for those looking for something new and exciting to try. A worthwhile step away from the normal!

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This tea is amazing! That is, if you like pear. You can tell right from the first smell of the tea that it’s going to taste like a nice, juicy pear. The pear “pairs” perfectly with the green tea, leaving a delicious, delicate blend.

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I’m a huge fan of David’s Tea and was extremely excited to find this delicious sounding tea in the Spring Collection. I walked past the store today, and decided to grab a cup of this. Unfortunately, I was extremely disappointed. This is one of the worst teas that I have ever tried. Trust me, I tried very hard to enjoy this one with every passing sip – but I could not get past the flavours that did not seem to mix well. What was left was a sour, almost medicinal taste. It smelled GREAT, so when I had a sip, and it tasted like cough syrup, you can imagine my disappointment. I don’t even know how to explain the flavours that came through – it tasted like orange fruit gone bad. I didn’t even notice any chocolate in it. Hopefully the other teas in the Spring collection won’t let me down!

Leesa P

i totally agree with you. it was gross. i’m just glad i didn’t buy more than i did.

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Overall, the mate is very nice. However, I tasted more of the roasted mate than of chocolate. Smells good and tastes good, but more like plain mate. There is a nice after taste that resembles chocolate. If you’re looking for something with a strong roasted flavour, and very little of a chocolate taste, this is a good one.

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WOW! I LOVE this tea! Had two cups in a row this morning. I’m a big fan of pu’ehr, but sometimes I prefer the earthy flavour to be masked. This cinnamon tea did the trick. The smell is extremely overpowering – if you don’t like cinnamon, this is not for you. I didn’t taste much in terms of the orange flavouring as the cinnamon is very powerful, but the spiced variety of orange is noticeable. Definitely an added spice in this one, and it resembles the taste of a cinnamon heart as the name implies. I usually stay away from spiced teas, but the spices used in this particular blend are lovely!

A great tea to warm you up on a cold winter day!

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So I finally made my first 52teas/SweetHoneybush purchase and decided to go with Root Beer Float! I was super excited to try this herbal, and I was definitely not disappointed. The herbal itself is even beautiful – with the jasmine and lilac blooms. The honeybush smells very much like a sweet root beer syrup, and I was worried that the taste wouldn’t follow through. But it’s great! The herbal blend has a dull root beer flavour and it’s very mellow. The roasted flavour notes of the honeybush also come through, which makes this a great base for a root beer flavoured tea! A great blend that I would recommend to honeybush – and root beer – lovers alike.


I think you’ve inspired me to try this… If I ever come across one of their locations. I love Rise n Shine so I imagine this to be similar in flavour :)

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