Oh yummy! This is the last “unopened” Matcha that I have in the house! Don’t cry for me though, I have an order on it’s way that will provide me with much Matcha goodness. In the meantime, I have A TON (well, maybe not a ton, but a whole heck of a lot) of Matcha to keep me occupied. As well as other teas.

This is yummy. While preparing it traditionally with hot water and whisking, I thought, I shouldn’t turn this into a latte, milk with popcorn sounds weird. BUT… I took my first sip and decided while it was good, it needed something else. The caramel needed more creaminess. So a splash (a little tiny splash) of milk was added and this made it just perfect! It is sweet and creamy and caramel-y, but, with a delicious popcorn flavor too, and maybe just a hint of saltiness in all of it. The flavor is really good… maybe even better than the straight up caramel. Maybe. Might need to have it a couple more times … or more than a couple … to determine which is better.

This is incredibly wonderful though. The Matcha offers just a hint of vegetative flavor and the smooth, luscious texture of the Matcha really adds to the caramel-y flavor of the overall taste. I taste butter in this, probably a combination of the flavoring and the Matcha and it is divine. When it comes to butter … I subscribe to the Paula Deen school of thought: Butter makes it better. And in this case, the buttery flavor really does make it better … it enhances the caramel tones, and brings out the popcorn notes.

Oh so good. You’ve got to try this! Well, what are you waiting for? Here’s the link: http://www.redleaftea.com/matcha-tea/caramel-popcorn-matcha.html So now there’s no excuse. Get there … and do it now, and order some. You’ll be glad you did.

My went with my “go-to” specifications for this order, choosing the classic grade of Matcha with the distinctive flavoring. It’s just right. I think that more flavoring, while probably incredible, would end up diluting the flavor of the Matcha too much. The Matcha now is a little obscured, not as strong as it is in some of the other flavored Matcha, but, it all comes together in a really delicious way. I do like to taste the Matcha, so I’m glad I went with the distinctive level of flavoring here.

A really yummy treat. Really glad I got this one. Now… imagine this if you would. Imagine a combination of this, plus some of the chocolate Matcha, plus some of the almond Matcha. Would that not be decadence X3?

Might have to get some of the other two Matcha just so that I can have that. Yep… going to have to do that I think, with my next order.


oooh matcha experiments! sounds like yummy fun :D

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oooh matcha experiments! sounds like yummy fun :D

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