drank Connoisseur’s Matcha by Red Leaf
294 tasting notes

Yes! This is the good stuff! And at a price that doesn’t break the bank!

The dry powder smelled like toasted sesame seeds and honey (African Benne Cakes?). The infusion produces a sweet wet grass smell. The description on the website is accurate in saying it is like the smell after a summer storm. You know that scent of rainwater mists whipped up off of tree leaves and grasses being ruffled by the rain and wind? That’s the smell!

In the flavor there’s a hint of minerality in the finish reminiscent of rainwater. The taste is mostly grassy and dewy, and there’s a lingering sweet finish.

If you like rock oolongs or just rock flavors in general, this may be the matcha for you. It really has a nice wet stone taste to it.

I dig it. This was one of the more interesting and layered matchas of Red Leaf Teas, and it is evocative of refreshing and cleansing weather. The energy of wind and rain is definitely what I feel from this.

If I could change anything the lingering sweetness could be a tad sweeter, and the flavor could be a little more rich. There’s no bitterness at all though, and for me that is a major plus when it comes to matcha.

Flavors: Grass, Mineral, Rainforest, Wet Rocks

165 °F / 73 °C

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I’m a dedicated practitioner of Gongfu Cha and you can usually find me brewing my tea in a gaiwan, sometimes a small Gongfu-style teapot or Yixing pot. I tend to stick to straight teas and scented teas most often, though I dabble in tisanes and flavored blends sometimes. I use a Tokoname kyusu for Japanese green teas and a chawan for matcha.

My favorite tea is silver needles from Kenya. There’s just nothing quite like it. I’m really eager to explore more teas from the Mt. Kenya tea estates.

To me, tea offers a time of peace and reflection in solitude, or sharing and enjoyment with friends. It has become a huge part of my life lately.

Aside from tea, I’m a creative person. I love to cook, create music, write fiction, draw, decorate, and do just about anything creative I can get my paws on.

I am really interested in Asian cultures in all aspects. I really love Japanese anime and video games as well.

I’m a friend to animals of all kinds. I couldn’t live in a world without animals. Conserving and respecting them is very important to me. I’m a lion at heart. :3

My Tea Ratings:
0 = Unpalatable, harsh
25 = Unenjoyable
50 = I’m indifferent
75 = Enjoyable
100 = Incredible

Anything I rate 90 or above, I tend to consider “best quality” teas and ones that I would be likely to purchase more than once.


Kansas City, USA

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