283 Tasting Notes

drank Irish Morning by Tealux
283 tasting notes

Given the success I had with Tealux’s Cream Irish Breakfast yesterday evening I decided to follow it up with Irish Morning today. I definitely prefer the other. This one is a little more weak, more watery if you will. I did follow steeping instructions and I even overleafed a bit because I had about 3 tsps and I only used 16 oz water. I did combine two steeps though, which is something I didn’t do last night. However, as much as I love coconut flavouring, the shreds of coconut in tea tend to go off quickly and even when they are not off there’s something about the smell and taste I do not like. As soon as I smelled the tea I knew there was coconut in there because it had a faint smell of something acrid. like milk gone sour or something. I don’t know how to explain. Like rancid. But it was barely there and only huffing the ziploc bag a few times I picked it up so most people would likely not notice it. If only my palate was as good as my nose.

I have a thing for smelling things. All the time. I smell all food stuffs all the time. I don’t mean to say that I go around my fridge just sniffing things. But before use, everything gets sniffed. I open a leg of lamb, I smell it. I open bread, I smell it. Not to check if it’s off because everything is fresh at chateau nxtdoor but I am used to smelling things so it’s become a habit I can’t break. I’m pretty OCD about it. It’s gotten to the point that I probably couldn’t eat or drink something without smelling it. I sit at the restaurant, the salad comes, I smell it. The wine comes, I smell it. You get the picture. You do this for YEARS and I assure you, you will have a fantastic scent memory.

So yeah, I am not enjoying the aftertaste of the acrid coconut in here. I will certainly finish the pot that I made, but unlike Irish Cream Breakfast, for me this will be one I stay away from. No rating.

Much thanks to TheTeaFairy for the chance.


Haha! I have smelling OCD too!!! Nothing enters my mouth before the smell test, lol.
I just got this tea and haven’t tried it yet…I agree on what you said about coconut in tea, it seems to “turn” somehow and render a sour taste, I love coconut but rarely find a satisfying cup.

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drank Cream Irish Breakfast by Tealux
283 tasting notes

I like this tea a lot even though I rarely go for “morning” teas or teas that would imply a kick. Because kick to me is bitter/astringent/strong — same way I would describe a coffee with a kick. I would have never picked this for myself. In fact, I looked at it before placing my Tealux order and decided against it.

Tonight, I need this. I wake up at 3.46 am each day so I can be at work for 4.15 am. By 7 pm I’m starting to fade usually but it’s Friday night and I’m fighting it. Fighting it with this. (Ok, we went to a nearby Italian bakery so I also fought it with an Americano + Baileys). And canoli. Leave the gun, take the canoli. :)

Thanks to TheTeaFairy for this treat. So so good. Slightly bitter, slightly. 1 tsp for 8 oz, 90C. I added sugar and dairy free Irish cream creamer. Sorry, redundant, I know, but it’s what it is called!

This tea is good. Buy it on your next Tealux order. :) I will.


Double yay! Yay for treating yourself today and yay for the tea :-)


I liked this tea too, and cannoli is awesome! So jealous!!

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drank Sweet Seduction by RiverTea
283 tasting notes

Again reached in the box from TheTeaFairy . This smells deliciously nutty, reminds me a lot of Almond Biscotti, my favourite Della Terra green and one my favourite greens of all time. I read the notes from others on this and it seems like everyone is reminded of something different. Sil thinks of Caramel Green from the persimmon co. and someone else is reminded of something called Divine Seduction, company not mentioned. For me, this is almond biscotti to a T.

I brewed it in the glass gaiwan because my plastic steeper, convenient as it is, it absorbs odours as most plastic does. I am of course not helping matters by leaving tea leaves in there over night or for hours even during the day. Lazy. I’m just too excited to drink the tea rather than sit there and do “dishes”.

Anyway, since it’s in the glass gaiwan I see it brews a cloudy deep yellow. The taste is good as is, I added nothing. brewed at 175F for fear of burning. 2.5 minutes. It’s good, nutty, and creamy. I wish this was a black tea so I can put sugar and non-dairy creamer. Sigh. I’m an addict. Thanks, TheTeaFairy !

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drank Earl Grey Chocolat by Lupicia
283 tasting notes

Thank you, TheTeaFairy. This had such potential but it’s a little bitter for me. I used boiling water as instructed. It might have been a little too hot because I burned them. I mean, there’s boiling and then there’s boiling.

I added a little sugar and creamer to remedy and as I said, the flavour is good but I screwed it up. Luckily, this is a larger sample so I can give it another go. I don’t really get bergamot even though it’s an Earl Grey and I was worried. It’s chocolate and something else, like fruit.

Now if these Habs would just score so I can go to bed!

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drank Dolce Vita by RiverTea
283 tasting notes

I have this from TheTeaFairy — it will be all Tea Fairy for the next little while because every tea in this box sounds delicious and I doubt I will be forcing myself to drink other things. I also am allowing myself to order some tea so these samples hopefully will help me narrow stuff down. I will have to try really hard not to binge. Usually the longer I go without buying the crazier I can get.

This tea is delicious raspberry. I’m not getting much of anything else in the way of flavour but that’s totally fine. I wanted raspberry. I added a tsp of sugar to 600 ml of tea just to lift it a little. I used the entire sample to make the pot because my partner wanted tea. I almost didn’t want to share! I reluctantly used up the entire sample pack. Mmmm…

Thanks Fairy!

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 0 sec

Yay, another victory! Glad you shared with significant other :-)

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drank Banane Chocolat by Lupicia
283 tasting notes

This is my second Lupicia tea ever. The first was a pyramid package from Sil, I think it might have been called Paradise Green. While it was good I didn’t feel overly compelled to jump and place an order.

This here, along with a few others deliciously named (including the famous melon oolong that everyone is raving about) came by way of my very own tea fairy. Yes, TheTeaFairy. And I am sure she won’t mind if I call her my own. Things have been a little rough here for the past 6 weeks, the kind of rough that makes you wonder who you pissed off up there, and my loving fairy sent me a deliciously smelling box of tea goodies. “Sunshine when life is pouring on you” she says. I think I must have starved myself tea-wise because I fell upon these like a wild animal.

I love the smell of this both dry leaf and the brewed tea. It smells sugary and chocolate. Tastes more like banana than chocolate but yum! This is dangerous. Thank you, thank you, thank you, TheTeaFairy !

PS. I probably shouldn’t sit here at this table where they all are, enticing me. Has anyone drank an entire swap box in one day? Not all the quantity of course but tried each and every one? Just curious.

Boiling 2 min, 45 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

Aww, you just made my day, you have no idea :-)
To answer you question, every time I get new tea, I make an attempt at trying them all the same day but I fail cause there are usually way to many!!
(Sorry you had to type TheTeaFairy so many times on the iPad, lol)


Lol. I curse a little bit each time I have to type the whole thing. Really.


How bout TTF?


so glad thngs are looking up a little

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Cold brewed, this is like blueberry juice. It is so freaking delicious. Hot steeping this is a waste of tea as far as I’m concerned. Why I only made 500 ml of this is a mystery. I need to make an entire pitcher. Litres and litres. Because now it’s gone and I’m sad. I must get this back in my cupboard for a summer drink. (Something’s happened to my favourite goji pop. This last batch I bought tastes funny. Chemical in a way. So I need a replacement “juice” tea. Might be this one)

Iced 8 min or more

oooohhhh I need to try this iced!


Cold brewed. Not iced.

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drank Pink Lemonade by DAVIDsTEA
283 tasting notes

I used to like this! The first time I bought it iced to go while in store I thought it was delicious and promptly bought 102 grams. Subsequent attempts were not as successful. Today I made it and it tasted kind of wrong, probably the stevia, not sure. So I fixed it by mixing in a splash of orange juice. It’s really good like that. I have enough for a couple more cups but I’m definitely not repurchasing.

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drank Secret Weapon by DAVIDsTEA
283 tasting notes

A tea friend at work is expecting and can no longer drink this because “something in it induces labour”, she says. Maybe the licorice root, I am too lazy and too uninterested to actually search this out. It’s her body and her baby and totally her call. Because she has quite a bit left and cannot drink it she offered it to me. I took 2-cups worth of leaf and gave her back the rest because soon the baby will be here and she will no doubt regret parting with what she says is a favourite.

I can’t see why this would be anyone’s favourite though. I have never tried this before but I looked it up and saw gojiberries and orange as featured ingredients on DAVIDs site. The sample is full of almonds. Dry leaf smells like almonds, ditto for the steeped tea. But it’s weak at 1.24 tsp / 8oz, 195F for 4 min and I would have no clue there’s citrus in here were it not for the website. Not satisfying at all.

Flavors: Nuts

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drank Buddha's Blend by DAVIDsTEA
283 tasting notes

I bought this forever ago for my partner. She is an occasional tea drinker so this is still lingering in my cupboard. As a general rule I avoid jasmine but today I grabbed it. I remembered it being a little strong, a little bitter but it’s been months since I made it so I forgot to alter my steeping parameters to allow for this. So I’m drinking a strong, slightly bitter cup of jasmine/peach. I’m not enjoying it much but I have the pot with me and I’m too lazy to move and make something else just yet.

I wonder if anyone’s tried cold steeping this. Easy to find out, I suppose, just read through all 99 tasting notes on it. Umm… Nah.


I didn’t like it cold brewed – but me and jasmine are not friends.


I put the spent leaves in a jar this morning, for something to do. Bonus if the stuff is drinkable. I’m the same, jasmine and I used to be friends but it’s been years since we broke up.

Roswell Strange

I’ve cold brewed it. I still found it to be quite disgusting cold brewed, though…

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I started drinking loose leaf tea in the spring of 2013 (why do we feel compelled to mark the date of tea drinking somewhat like addicts counting their sobriety days?)

Never been much into tea before. Growing up in Romania, tea was something mom made for you when you were sick. As an adult, my hot beverage of choice has been coffee, both flavoured and regular. I’ve recently stumbled upon Teavana and DAVIDs TEA and quickly got addicted to the latter. Then came steepster and all else followed.

Formerly a mathematician and insurance adjuster, I gave up the corporate world and am now a professional chef. I drink wine and sometimes cheat on it with tea.

I lean heavily towards flavoured black teas. I’ve started to crave the occasional straight oolong and green but so far unflavoured black teas leave me unimpressed.

I’m learning so I drink them all. Am even introducing myself to pu’erh. So far I can do fine with the sheng cause frankly, they don’t taste like pu’erh to me. The shou is another story.

Note*: The virtual cupboard does NOT contain any of the samples I hold since most of them are one-cup quantity.

Note**: My partner, our home improvements, gadgets, mortgage, travel, wine and food have budget priority over tea.


Toronto-ish, Canada

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