This is the first bamboo tea that I’’ve ever tried, and to be honest, I bought it mainly beacause of its health benefices. This thing is filled with silica, which is amazing for nails, hair and skin! When I opened the bag, I was surprised to smell something faintly herbal and fresh. I expected it to be bitter, I have no idea why. I like to brew it a bit longer than the package says, as the leaves are very long and not a lot will fit in a cup at a time. Combined with the weakness of the taste, in my humble opinion it simply makes for a better cup when you leave it in slightly longer. As for the taste itself, although it is very mild, I grew accustomed to the soft, almost sweet aftertaste that it possesses and its refreshing vegetable-like flavor,even though I usually prefer more fragrant teas. I also find that it makes for a great, caffeine-free cold tea if you had a bit of a sweetener! Since this is the first bamboo tea that I’ve ever tried, I cannot compare it to a different brand but I always vouch for My Cup of Tea and this particular one seems really fresh and impossible to screw up, no matter how long you leave it in (although I did manage to burn it once oout of my very own stupidity), so I will probably repurchase once I’m done.

Flavors: Herbaceous, Sweet, Vegetal

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