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I have been a long time fan of green tea and it has been my go to brew.
Currently I’ve become addicted to this white blend, and now my precious green tea is on a back burner. That’s not to say I’m dismissing it as a whole, but to say that I’m not in instant love would simply be a lie.
I had this tea during my first visit to a local tea room. Dressed in my favorite floral dress I entered the building that was decorated finely in antiques and garden worthy prints on the linens. Each step I took brought me deeper into a wonderland. Looking over the menu the name “Wedding Tea” stuck out and I ordered it for my stay. As I poured it into my cup I marveled at the clear light amber color. Immediately the aroma drifted to me, and was the most delicate thing. Right away you get a sense of the taste you’re about to enjoy. With or without sugar this tea is smooth enough to complement desserts from cheesecake to a hefty red velvet. I had the pleasure of enjoying this blend alongside my lunch and throughout the hour it didn’t fail to please. When my server asked if I’d like more, I didn’t hesitate in saying “Yes, please!”
I was lucky to be able to purchase a 20 sachet tin from the boutique inside the tea room. It’s now my go to drink to cure my frowns. I hope to share this tea with a fellow I admire and love someday.

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I love floral flavorings, and this one definitely is my top favorite! The look is beautiful and reminiscent of potpourri. This similarity is so true, I’ve used it in herbal baths and other uses. Ever fragrant it leaves breath with a lovely scent and accompanies berry flavored pastries well. I find it’s very good on its own hot, for it’s delicate fruit flavoring mixes with a floral aftertaste. The color of the finished brew is so delightful that the tea in it’s entirety pleases three of the fives senses. The tea is also nice with cream and sugar should you choose to do so. I have plans to use this as a refreshing ice tea once it becomes that scorching time of summer. <3

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