Some will question why such a high score of 100 on the rating scale for such a sublime, barely-there taste or aroma? My answer is because there is quality to backup the flavor, or rather the lack thereof.

Aroma: Smelling the sachet with the tea before it hits the water is very nice; and as the name denotes, a lemony grass, literally. Not lemony as a candy or the sprightly rind, but a subdued quiet lemon intermingled with grassy notes. However, once the sachet hits the water and starts to melt into it, there is no aroma whatsoever!…strange?…it smells of warm water.

Taste: Extremely sublime…even more so than a white tea. A white tea has body and character, this lemongrass is extremely delicate and doesn’t show to the party until it is there for a while and made it’s acquaintance with everyone. Then after a while, some and only some, flavor profile starts to poke through. It is as the namesake, a lemony grass. Very delicate, very sublime. An extremely nice tea to have as a bedtime tea or for quiet time to contemplate, it is quiet, subdued and delicate. The taste is lemony, grassy with the slightest hint of a spicy bite reminiscent of ginger but only as a whispering afterthought; also, it is a little sweet…more like powdered sugar rather than granular sugar. The sweetness would fit more like an Asian delicacy of candied grass with powdered sugar than a cloying candy sweetness of granular sugar, like say a candied ginger.

Aftertaste: This mimics the flavor profile…a little bite, a little sweetness, lemony and grassy but these characteristics are fleeting.

A nice tea to try as a small purchase, but would I buy again…not too sure; maybe to sooth and calm the tummy and for quiet contemplation but not as a regular goto tea.

Boiling 8 min or more

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