So…I know this one didn’t get a lot of love here, but…I love it. I bought one pouch whenever it went on sale, and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I wasn’t hopeful, yet, but I was curious. The aroma reminds me of Valentine’s Day. Sweet chocolate and roses.

“Okay, this is weird.”

I’d’ve noted these aromas even with my eyes closed. The flavor wasn’t what I wasn’t expecting.

Anyway, I was sipping this at work last night in my massive thermos, celebrating the last day at the office/back to remote work starting today! 6+ weeks of 2 week training in an office space of endless emptiness is finally over! Back to the tea…I was sipping this and I had to pause to enjoy the cup. I never ever ever ever take time out of work (while at the office) to take a break or pause over anything. I’m a robot sipping tea robotically…lol

I paused sipping this because I was very much responsive to sweet floral chocolatey notes of the tea. It’s a bursting flavor of roses and chocolate. I love the dessert vibe, without being too overly sweet, or too chocolatey, or too floral. It balances well together and it reminds me Fruit Loops, but not entirely at the same time. Obviously it’s still complex for me to explain, but the thing is…I love it. The flavors always take me by surprise in the most pleasant way. This cuppa last night made me reconsider my options while working, too.

“Take a break. Tea can provide an opportunity for pause.”

Flavors: Chocolate, Rose

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