Around the end of August, OTC had a massive sale on teas that were “limited editions.” This happened to be one of those teas. We blindly purchased a large quantity of this blend, uncertain whether it’d be good tea, but for $4 per 8oz, I thought that it was an alright idea.

I sipped it hot. I really tasted the roasted oolong base and didn’t get too much apricot. I set it aside after that first moment, and never bothered with it for a little while. My wife wanted some tea for iced tea, so she brewed this up. Turns out, it’s AMAZING iced. We avoided sipping down the last 8oz bag, but she wanted to have a pitcher ready, on the account both of our work weeks were insanely busy. Good thing, too, because I went without tea on Friday…However, we split the remainder of the tea today.

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