902 Tasting Notes

drank English Breakfast by Twinings
902 tasting notes

Managed to catch one of my workers boiling water and filled up my travel mug with it. Got to my car (this morning was spent visiting half my schools delivering goodies), pulled this teabag out of my purse, and made it whilst I was trapped in the parking lot by a school bus.

I’m liking it! It’s got a classic breakfast blend taste, and isn’t too bitter or astringent. Not my favorite breakfast blend (ahem…LiberTEAS…ahem), but I can see myself drinking this a lot at work.

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I’d been keeping my eyes open for this one from CS…I love blood oranges, and I love star fruit. Found it last night…I couldn’t not get it, could I?

After smelling the bag, I said (outloud, to no-one since I was only one awake) “I don’t know about this.” Really had no scent besides that of the actual bag.

After smelling the brewed tea: “Candy!!” It smells like some kind of lolly that I used to get back in the day…the kind that’s not clear melted sugar, but the solid, sweet-tart like ones.

Taste: Star fruit is in the fore. A good, just-ripe star fruit, complete with just a hint of that starchy flavor. There’s a bit of citrus, but it’s not strong enough for me to be able to determine if it’s blood orange as opposed to regular orange. Green tea base isn’t as obvious as I thought it would be, and for this, that’s alright.

175 °F / 79 °C 3 min, 0 sec
Meghann M

Oooh, I haven’t seen this one. I’ll keep my eyes open, sounds good and sweet tarty!

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drank Pumpkin Spice by Bigelow
902 tasting notes

I’ve been wanting to try this tea forever…to the point that I was thinking of making a Bigelow order to try some. Yesterday, I stopped in at a Kroger I normally don’t go to for some pop and Halloween candy (priorities, people!), and took a walk down the tea aisle.

Yes, I know, I really shouldn’t do such things. But, they had this tea and the Apple Cider one! Grabbed a box of each, and a CS that I’d been keeping an eye out for.

I had started to brew this up last night, thinking it was an herbal blend. Sheer dumb luck made me realize that it’s a black tea, and I saved it for my first pot this morning. It’s definitely pumpkin, and definitely spiced. I can taste the black tea as well, though it is a bit weak. I did try this first pot at 3 minutes; next time around I’ll be doing 5. I think I prefer the Pumpkin Ginger from RoT, though I like that this one is individually bagged. I’ll definitely be throwing some into my purse to take to work with me.

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Bigelow Tea


Good to hear you are taking this to work…enjoy during your tea break!

Valorie for Bigelow Tea

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drank Vanilla Rooibos Parfait by Tazo
902 tasting notes

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drank Blueberry Infusion by Elmwood Inn
902 tasting notes

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I had ordered this from Praise Tea a while ago. When my order arrived, there was a note on the invoice that said it was out of stock. I didn’t mind at all; there was a lovely sample of peach tea in its place.

Today, when I finally braved the rain to check my mailbox, I had a package from Praise Tea. I had no idea what was going on…until I opened it. There was the sample of this I had ordered, and 3 other complimentary samples. I was shocked and very excited, to say the least. I’m definitely going to be a repeat customer.

Especially since this really, really does taste like a cabernet. It’s lighter than a real wine, of course, and I can still taste the rooibos and the flowers, but the cabernet comes to the fore and is fantastic. I totally did not follow the steeping directions, and brewed for 5 min (the package recommends 2-3 min). I think I’ll need to take some of this to work, so I can pretend I’m having a glass of wine when I’m having a bad day.

Champagne this morning, cabernet this evening…Praise Tea, are you turning me into a tea wino? ;-)

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec
Praise Tea Company

LOL – at least you will be tea wino, with all the health benefits of tea and no side effect: hangover!

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It’s he-re!!

Rushed home to find this on my doorstep, and immediately ripped into it. Brewed for 10 minutes, my standard steep for rooibos teas. It brews up a lovely red color (as well it should, considering the name!).

It tastes like red velvet cake batter. Really, it does. Sweet, with that distinct chocolate taste that’s unique to red velvet cakes. So someone at the Republic did their homework, and I’ll give them an A! There’s even the barest hint of cream cheese frosting. It’s going to be a staple in my cupboard now, and I cannot wait to get some vanilla ice cream and make either a tea float or a teashake with this!! I’ll try it as a latte soon.

You can taste the rooibos, and if you don’t like that, this might not be for you. It’s not overwhelmingly strong, but it is obvious that this tea is built upon that base.

(And, since I know you’ll ask, you can’t taste the beet root bits. Trust me, I’d tell you. I do not like beets.)

Boiling 8 min or more

Tea float! Get a cheesecake flavored ice cream:) Strawberry cheesecake would be amazing w/ this:)


thanks, think I will go ahead and order this.. I am not usually a big fan of rooibos but I think this is worth a try!!!

RachanaC (Rachel)-iHeartTeas

Jaime I NEED this, pretty please :-)


Rach, you got some! Just be sure to PM me, too…Cause I’m good at forgetting things.

Cofftea: I hadn’t even considered cheesecake flavored ice cream. Yes, yes, that will be done.


Thank god it does not taste like beets! I am not a fan of them either!

Meghann M

I’ve never had beets, so wasn’t too worried. But glad this is awesome. Ordering soon! Now off to plot my order for RoT, Davids and TeaGuys!


Their green bush is the only way I’ll consume beets;)

Paul M Tracy

It’s the even slightest potential of a chocolate and cream cheese combo that got me!

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drank Lichee Black Tea by foojoy
902 tasting notes

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I’m very impressed by this tea!! There’s an almost effervescent quality to it, and it genuinely tastes like a glass of champagne with raspberries dropped in. There’s still a hint of the white tea taste as well, and it’s well done. The brewing time suggested seemed rather long (4-6 minute as compared to my usual 2 for white teas), but produced an amazing cup. Definitely an indulgence!

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My love of tea started in 2001, whilst in an internship in London, England. I shared an office with a lovely man who would make me a cup of tea every morning without asking me if I even wanted it. I drink my tea neat now, because I’ve yet to find the sugar/milk combination that lives up to Pablo’s.

I drink any and all kinds of tea, and love trying new brands/varieties/flavors.


Lexington, Kentucky

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