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This tea is just 5 years younger than I. And as I have birthday today, I decided to make oldest tea I have in my stash. Maybe I have some forgotten tea bag somewhere in collection which is older, but bleh, I do not want to try to find it and drink it. Rather old cake. Tea cake.

I received this one from Donatzsky again, so thank you!

About 15 seconds rinse, preheated gaiwan as well the cup.
1st steep is as well 15 seconds long. I noticed whole leaves in that compressed chunk I have in gaiwan. It weights 4.5 grams, which – let´s see if enough, too much or not enough for 85 ml gaiwan.
Wet leaf aroma is bit fig, bit piney (or rather resinous). Fruity.
In taste it is mellow, but the taste is nothing distinctive. Maybe as I am drinking it rather cold?

Second steep. 30 seconds long. Pour green, clear liquor. It is more resinous in aroma as well in taste. But it is still so mellow. Bit honey.

Third steep, as well 30s.
Still mellow, still resinous and honey and mellow in taste. Some sweetness I am not able to recognize. Maybe like a candi sugar?

4th, 30 seconds once more.
Now it is not enough, it is bit watery.

5th 45 seconds
It is such a strange, chunk is still compressed, leaves do not separate itself, so I helped them a bit (let’s see if it will change something in next steeps)

This steep though, is again resinous.

6th, for a minute.
It became bit like a vegetable broth.

7th 1minute15seconds
Similar to previous one. I like that it is still very smooth, even it is more vegetal and less resinous.

8th 90 seconds
Who knows? My thermos is empty now. So last one.

Okay, it is bit vegetable, but little fruitiness takes place too (again). As well the resin. And of course bit of everything is there.

And as a festival of classical music about 10 km away from my hometown called “Smetana’s Litomyšl” let me post song pairing (made by Bedřich Smetana, who was born there): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uI8iTETiSqU

Actually the song pairs the tea quite well.

And overall? Certainly a nice tea. First half I enjoyed more, resinous taste is pretty interesting and I liked refreshing taste of it. Okay, not really refreshing, but the lightness of it. Nothing “heavy” in taste.
Second half became vegetal, which was not a bad thing too. Heavier in taste, but still easydrinking and smooth.

Flavors: Brown Sugar, Honey, Pine, Resin, Sweet, Vegetable Broth

Boiling 0 min, 30 sec 5 g 3 OZ / 85 ML

Happy Birthday Martin!


Birthday wishes from me as well! Hope your day was lovely.


I loooooooove Die Moldau by Smetana! Bought an album, yes vinyl album, when I was in college. Great song for your birthday, Martin, and I pray this will be a happy day and a joyful year for you!


Happy birthday, Martin! :D

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there is a big demonstration against Prime Minister (mostly) over here. I am not taking part beause of upcoming exams.

So, I am at home, watching live stream, drinking tea.
This tea was last remaining from DF I have not tried. I am big fan of salted caramel, but in tea it was something I could not really imagine.

But the tea was great!
There is not much of base noticable, liquor is yellow-green and when I had a sachet in and I moved the sachet, it looked even bit oily.

But the tea – itself. As I already said, base is not really noticable, but the taste was great. Slightly mineral and salty with little sweetness beneath. But it is not awfully sweet, nor awfully salty. It was just correct amount of both. And as it is butter caramel, little bit of buttery taste is there too.

But none of the tastes was awfully strong. They work so well together making whole drink good, bit creamy as well.


Flavors: Caramel, Cream, Mineral, Salty, Sweet

4 min, 0 sec 10 OZ / 300 ML
Martin Bednář

If somebody wants to read what is happening here:


Yikes. Thanks for the link; I hadn’t heard that this was going on. (I haven’t been watching the news here lately, but I’m sure it’s made international headlines.)


Caramel and oolong are lovely together. (And thanks for the link as well—my attention is often focused far too much on my own little 7-mile daily radius!)


I sent the link to my youngest who is going to be there in just a month! I think it will enrich her experience to be aware of both history and present day events.

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Got this tea from subscription.
Whoa, interesting blend. I have two big pieces of lime peel or fermented lemon peel (I can not decide what is it) in bag.

It smells very interesting too. I think I never smelled something similar. It is kind of herbal, but also citrusy – mostly lime of course.

So, into mug. 1 tsp (strainer) in boiling water. Maybe 5 minutes steep. I did not made it exact. Why though?

Okay, this is something I have not expected. It is somehow quite sweet, lime makes really nice taste, linden makes it bit smooth. But it is actually very tart too! One sip is better, then another is worse. It tastes… strange.
Yep, maybe it was like a Cola. Cola with lime. Why not, huh.

But overall, I think I am not really a fan of it. Maybe I just need to get used to it. So far, quite low rating from me

Flavors: Herbs, Lime, Tart

Boiling 5 min, 30 sec 1 tsp 10 OZ / 300 ML

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Morning tea.

Simple, 4 red fruits. Sachet version. It smells after red currant when dry. I notice one bit of strawberry in, maybe even smaller pieces of currant. So it is not much, but better than just artificial flavouring. Soon is red currant ripe here; so we will make homemade syrups again. Much better than bought ones.

Ahm, tea. 4-5 minutes steep. Red fruits aroma for sure. Bit of cherries, bit of strawberries. Red currant is there too, raspberry I do not notice. Maybe in kind of raspberry seeds – then it is weakly there.

In taste raspberry is more present. I would say it is bit generic, but in good way. It is fruity. All four are more or less noticable.

Flavors: Cherry, Red Fruits, Strawberry

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec 300 OZ / 8872 ML

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Celebration tea.
I passed another exam today. And I was not sure at all I can pass it!

5 grams; 85 ml (preheated) gaiwan, boiling water.

Dry leaf aroma is sweet dry hay, when adding it to preheated gaiwan bit of mineral comes up. Or vegetable.

Wet leaf aroma (after 10 seconds in water) is definitely fruity, probably oranges. As well aroma of first steep.

1st steep (rinse, whatever), 10 seconds.
Definetely it is sweet. But as well mineral somehow. The taste remains for long in mouth. It is bit metalic, but not in a bad way.

2nd steep, 15 seconds.
Fruitiness remains. It is also smooth. Not bitter in any way.

3rd steep, 30 seconds
Maybe a little bitterness comes up? Certainly! But still velvety smooth. Not so fruity, but still enjoyable mineral taste. Expected sweeter, but who cares? It is still tasty.

4th steep, 30 seconds
Now it cames fruity again. Still so smooth.

5th steep, 30 seconds.
The mineral taste is still quite apparent.
But chocolate smooths it down. And makes it fruity. 2nd best steep IMHO. 2nd was bit (inch only) better.

6th, 45 seconds
Is this even better than previous? Not a sugary sweet, but sweet is it. Fruity. Minerality almost gone.

7th, 1 minute.
Still mild. But already weak. I think that 8th is last and well, whole tea needs some aging. If first brews would be like last ones, I would enjoy it much more! Mild, fruity, cakey, whatever. Sweet too!

8th, dunno how long, minute at least.
What, meat, soap, spicy? None of those I have noticed. It is nice, mild, fruity tea. And smooth. I have enjoyed it. Although few steeps were really too mineral, metallic – but then it changed again. Not a best, but certainly not bad tea.

Chocolate pairing: Lindt Excelllence á la Pointe de Sel.
Song pairing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DL7-CKirWZE
Thanks Donatzsky for sample.

Flavors: Fruity, Metallic, Mineral, Orange, Sweet

Boiling 0 min, 30 sec 5 g 3 OZ / 85 ML

Cake and chocolate … you are celebrating!


Congrats Martin!


Hooraaaaaaay! Woot! Woot!

Digging the song pairing. The opening of that song always reminds me of Foster the People a bit.

Martin Bednář

Two to go guys! Two exams to pass. And year will be over.


I know you can’t wait!

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I am studying for tomorrow exam. I think I would not pass it. Is it hard and I do not have a single idea what they can ask for.

But I am trying.
I took a tea bag I have from postcrossing. It is from Russia, “brand” Dolce Albero. I was trying to find anything about it, but in vain.

It just says SOURSOP, flavour green tea. Let me see how is it.
I used rather colder water (even 80 °C is on bag :O) and 3-5 minutes steep. I did about 3 minutes.

The colour is not very rewarding, cloudy yellow-greenish something. It looks like pond water.

In aroma it is cacti, artificial, maybe bit grassy.

Taste: I do not know how soursop should taste like, but tea itself is quite refreshing, sweet, lychee… and probably that soursop.

It is not bad.

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A beetroot in tea? Are you serious?
I am not a fan of beetroot. I can not even imagine it in tea. It is just weird, you know?

Boiling water, 300 ml glass tea mug, 2 tea spoons of mix in strainer.
Beetroot is very good dyestuff. I know it, because we have it on the garden and my mother(and grandma) loves it. Not men in my family though :D

So, it turned into pink – deep red colour. It smells quite earthy, after beetroot naturally and little of orange zest. It looks quite lovely.

In taste it is good. Yep beetroot is quite strong, but I was afraid it will be too strong. Certainly noticable that earthy flavour of it.
But then there is sweet notes. I assume it is that apple pieces in and orange peel. That makes it milder, sweeter and bit refreshing.

Flavors: Apple, Earth, Fruity, Orange Zest

Boiling 4 min, 15 sec 2 tsp 10 OZ / 300 ML

I’ve had tea with beets as an additive, but never front and center. Interesting! Beets are one of those vegetables I’ve always intended to like, but can’t seem to find a recipe that makes my taste buds happy.

Martin Bednář

gmathis: you exactly said what I think about beetroot. But no, I just did not had it in tea before. But it is working quite well.


I had beet lemonade a few nights ago. Definitely very earthy but I liked it!

Roswell Strange

Beet is definitely seeing an uptick in usage, within tea but in beverage in general. It’s unique because as much as it has an earthy taste it also has a very pleasant sweetness (after all, rock sugar is usually made with beet sugar) – and it contributes a very vibrant colour – which makes it an appealing ingredient to blend with.


Pickled and in borscht are about the only ways I like beets. Beet lemonade sounds intriguing though.

Martin Bednář

I forgot about borscht, in there I like it too. Beet lemonade looks good too!

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ICED time!
Yep, my first ever ICED tea.

And it turned out great!
It is quite freshly citrusy but there is some nice sweet flavour of raspberries. Maybe bit tangy.

Yep, this tea is blue. Kind of strange feeling drinking it. But taste is great. And that is what matters.

Iced 4 tsp 10 OZ / 300 ML

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Morning refreshing tea?
Morning tea!

It is 8 am – so time for start the day. I need to study for Friday exam. So let me pick some green tea. I decided for this one, becasue it is actually last one I have not tried from the DF box. And butter salted caramel oolong is not what I want to drink in the morning.

I used about 90 °C water, added tea sachet and watched the leaves grow. As the sachet is quite big, they expanded to full lenght! They are usually torn into small pieces, not really whole leaves, but they are quite big.

I did not know what to expect, because it contains ginger bits, lime oil, passion fruit flavour. The tea has got nice yellow-green colour.

It smells very floral, with notes of passion fruits and citruses.

In taste it is actually very refreshing! with fruity notes of passion fruit, but ginger makes it not so sweet as one can expect. But it is not too spicy because of ginger. Probably my most favourite green tea I had from this box.

Flavors: Citrus Fruits, Fruity, Passion Fruits

195 °F / 90 °C 3 min, 45 sec 10 OZ / 300 ML

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Preheated 85 ml gaiwan. Notes of chocolate, bitterness. No rinse, just 15 seconds first steep.

1st steep (aka rinse)
Quite sweet, but full bodied. Light smoke notes. Thick.

After almost 3 hours at garden. All humidity is in the leaves :)

2nd steep
15 seconds again.
Notes of smoke are still in, thick, dark chocolate.

3rd steep
30 seconds.
Smoke more present, more dark chocolate notes, bit roasted. Very thick.

45 seconds
Smoke taste transformed into roasted notes. Interesting change. Also chocolate notes are disappearing.

45 seconds
It tastes like semi-roasted oolong. Roasted pears, maybe – with little of nice notes of bamboo. Very long mouth-feel.

60 seconds
Very similar to previous one, but bit weaker.

75 seconds
Roasted oolong with woody flavours. That would describe it best I think.

Some technical data:
85 ml gaiwan, preheated, then cold only.
4.5 grams of tea.
Drinking more than 4 hours, but three hours I did not made any single steep, as I was in garden.
Chocolate pairing: Framboise intense by Lindt.

In garden I had to showel lots of soil so all my body hurts. Mostly my back. Did some weeding too. Lots of “nipplewort” plants were there – I like the name and I have not seen them before there.

I was surprised it was so full in taste, and that it was like oolong a bit.

I have not passed today exam, but it was kind of expected. But it was not really hard. Much easier than expected, I just need to study more. Mostly theory.

I am going to work in summer – today I received an e-mail that they count with me and they will send me date for medical check-up.

Flavors: Bamboo, Dark Chocolate, Roasted, Smoke, Sweet, Thick

0 min, 45 sec 5 g

It’s nice to get some exercise in the garden. I searched for nipplewort and found out it is edible.

Do you get to retake your exam? Congrats on getting work this summer.


I also got exercise in my garden today, and my back is sore! My trusty helper (aka husband) had to work today, so it was just me doing the weeding AND planting.

Martin Bednář

derk – I found that as well, but when I talked with my mother about it we decided to not try it. But actually it is interesting plant. Yep, I will retake it 1st of July. Thanks.

Kittenna – so you know my pain :D, but as derk mentioned, it is nice sometimes.

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I am drinking almost everything. Tea bag collector who moved to wonderful world of loose leaf.


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