125 Tasting Notes

Oh well.
Long days with Swiss friend, few teas drunk, but without any notes. But that tea in tea room in Kutná Hora was great, but bit overleafed for my tooth. It was green tea from Burma.

Anyway, now I unfortunately have to drink something alone, as… okay she is still in Prague in this time. She gave me three different loose leaf teas (I will write about them later) and one box. This one is from that box and well it sounds nice, you know?
The ingredients list is long as a lecture week. But I took it out and I found out it smells nice! Quite fruity with spiciness of cardamom and ginger. As well it smells quite like an oranges.

Let´s find out how it is hot. I did recommended 5 minutes steep. Apparently, there are big pieces of Maté and other herbs I am not able to recognize, maybe I see even a lemongrass. The colour is lowly turning to the red-brown.
There is a quote on the tag: “Liebe wird immer siegen – Love will win, always”. I think it is quite nice quote.

Yeah, the aroma is strongly cranberry and I tink a bit of raspberry, but it is not inside. Maybe a combo between cranberry and hibiscus is making similar aroma? The colour is orange, bit cloudy.

As this is called tasting note, so some tastes: yeah, cranberries are dominating. Hibiscus making it tart. Actually it tastes quite watery; I expected much more “body”. Evenmore when there should be black tea in. I did not notice it at all in taste. It is bit earthy as well, I think because lots of herbs.
Overall it is quite nice, I like it is not sweet at all, rather bit tart. Let´s see if it give me a positive energy :D

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drank Evening by Higher Living
125 tasting notes

8 pm; time for Evening tea.

Today should be more productive day. But it was not. Whatever. Exam period starts next week. I have one exam in Friday though. Physics; but I guess it will be quite okay. We have formulas available, so I just need to re-check theory.

This tea would not be amazing, based on basic aroma. Chamomile dominates with little notes of balm I think. Maybe it is lavender too. First tea bag I had (I had two, now gone) were way more of lavender in scents.

Guys – I was wrong! Lavender is way more strong in taste and overwhelms the boring (and yuck) chamomile. Lime tree; Lemon balm, Lavender. Those are overpowering the chamomile and I like it – so much. Lavender is making it quite smooth, lime tree relaxing, lemon balm bit sour.

I forgot about visual part; it is clear golden liquor with little dusty on bottom.

Overall it is nice blend with calming notes. I feel maybe even bit drowsy, but it is 9 pm.

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 45 sec 11 OZ / 330 ML

You paint a lovely picture Martin.


Mmm, lavender.

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Another cake tea today.
Apparently I had this tea so often that I have last steep in pouch. Little sad, as I apparently enjoyed it a lot. NOw I had even troubles to fill strainer with tea. So certainly not overleafed.

Anyway, after again, 4-5 minutes steep the colour turned into nice copper-golden. I should buy a new strainer, as this one can not be closed properly and one cocoa nib and little of something else went out. Otherwise it is quite clear.

Aromas are strong and vivid. I notice sour cherry, general fruits, all covered in cocoa sponge cake with cream on top. Yeah – certainly it smells like that.

The taste. Well, aromas as it is known, are way more easier to describe. In taste it is still quite well, also quite strong with sour cherry, way less cake flavours (drinking hot though). There is little creamy sourness which I really like.

I am sad that this tea is going to be discontinued, but it seems was quite for long time up. Maybe I will find another similar tea I will like.

Flavors: Cake, Cherry, Cocoa, Pleasantly Sour

Boiling 4 min, 30 sec 2 tsp 10 OZ / 300 ML

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This weird weekend is finally over.
Just picked fairly random again, okay, not so random. And as I remember this quite alcoholic, despite not alcohol is in, it as matter of 2 minutes of decision. 4min30seconds steep. And Kittenna tasting note was another reason to try it again.

Dark red-brown colour, maybe bit like bricks. Smell is amazing, banana chips combined with cinnamon. Caramel or toffee (what is actually the difference?) notes are there today too!

In taste it is much less woody than last time. Alcohol and banana combined with cinnamon flavours is great hit. Or it tastes like wood kegged alcohol.

I really like the smoothness of this tea. In taste it looks it will be harsh, but instead it is smooth. Little of vanilla flavours now, with few last sips.
From kettle on to last sip – 50 minutes.

Flavors: Alcohol, banana, Caramel, Cinnamon, Rum, Vanilla

Boiling 4 min, 30 sec

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Finally I slept for more than few naps.

Thursday was completely weird day for me. I get another panic attacks and I think I found out the cause. Worst thing I can not do anything with it I guess.

I woke up at 6 am, going to University with starting panic attack. I knew it. I was with therapist in Tuesday and it was good! But this Thursday… I was at Uni till 3 pm, then going home, after that going for new haircut. After new haircut I have to leave my hometown agian to go to part-time job. Inventory check in clothes shop. It was okay, but I haven´t slept much. Then being in 6 am Friday at home, I have to finish one assigment due in Friday noon. I made it well, I can go to exam now! But the panic attack is going stronger and stronger. And all of it because my nieces and nephew coming over for weekend (10, 7, 5 years). Whyyy?

Prepared this tea as random choice by my hand. I don´t care which tea to drink, as long it is hot and good. This was not bad. So, I am looking forward.

I steeped it for 4 minutes maybe, result is dark brown (I have a mug though) – clear, liquor.

The aroma is strongly lemony with little notes of mint. Taste is similar, the lemon taste is kinda overpowering the black tea base. But I do not mind, because as result it is nice. It is also very smooth, which I appreciate especially today.

Have better days than I did.


I read recently that getting dehydrated can make anxiety a lot worse. I am trying to drink a lot more water to see if that helps. I hope you get some relief from it.

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This is really meh.

I steeped it for suggested time It turned out to dirty, brown, opaque liquor. It smells quite nice, spicy chocolate with sweet notes. Lots of (probably licorice) dust settles on bottom after few minutes.

But when it comes to taste. It is really bad. I mean, it is not somehow bad as spoiled, or just funky notes. But on first sip it is nice bitter cooca, little spiciness from chilli and then it hits! A super sweet aftertaste. Probably caused with licorice. And cinnamon. And Bourbon Vanilla. Yes, all of those are in, besides another “bitter” spices.

I have little troubles finishing the cup honestly :/

A tongue-tingling infusion? I am sorry Higher-Living, but nope. No tingling, rather heartburn. And going sweet every sip I make (so I suppose the dust is licorice). Sorry everybody who were looking for nice tea review. This is not it. So far my worst rating here.

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec 14 OZ / 400 ML

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From their subscription; I think an April 2019 one?

Took a strainer, two teaspoons of tea in, added boiling water. After 5 minutes I took the strainer off.
The results are following:
Dark, bit opaque, copper colour.
Biscuity aroma combined with malt from tea. Little of chocolate. Yummy! It reminds a real thing a bit.
It is full of flavour. I tastes quite a lot like real thing – I guess I have to buy them again and try to pair it with this tea. Shops are closed tomorrow though :/
It is really biscuity, with chocolate top. And base tea, this time it is Sri Lankan Black Tea it gives it some malty flavour combined with caramel. I do not notice any spices as previous raters. Probably another batch. Or they tweaked a recipe a bit.

Overall, if you are looking for biscuits in liquid form, this tea is for you. Maybe I steeped it for long and that made it bit bitter for my tooth. But it is really nice blend. I just need tweak brews a bit.

7.30 pm, I have to at least start with something to Uni. Deadline is in Friday noon. Thursday night working again. Kids over for a weekend. No panic attacks, but today it was close! I just was telling myself it is not end of the World. And next week my friend from Switzerland will come! I can not wait for that!

Just I want to finish those exams… all, as soon as possible. Why are they making it so hard?

Flavors: Bitter, Caramel, Chocolate, Cookie, Malt

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec 2 tsp 10 OZ / 300 ML

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Oh well, another “escaped” tasting note.
Anyway, second and last tea bag from derk of this blend from Juniper Ridge. Thank you for picking all 3 for me – this one is really aromatic. It filled my room with mint and sage (how unexpected)

Anyway, I had awful day today. I was doing geometry for 6-7 hours, I did not make everything I should. Friend was not really helpful too! He prefered to sleep. And he did not know anyway. And when coming home, I regret that I did not bring my camera with me and going home about hour earlier. The light was amazing!

Stop complaining Martin and focus on tea. Yeah, this tea. I like the comforting aroma of sage. I think I need it even for herbal effects – I had sore throat back few days, nothing major, but it was there. Now I am have starting headache. Probably I was working too hard and forgot to drink (anything).

It is really nice in matter of aromas. It smells like sage and mint. Yeah it is not really surprising I know. But it is those two, nothing else. Maybe it can remind somebody a toothpaste a bit, but I think there is it far too artificial.

Visual of this tea is amazing as well. Golden; clear with no dust. Actually the pieces in tea bag are quite big which I like very much. I haven´t torn the bag though. If it is loose leaf, I think I can dip whole my body in it. It is just so nice. Not just visual and… already described scents.

this is not a surprise. It tastes really herbal – minty and sagey. But it is so smoooth! Like a warm honey into a throat. It is mild; soothing with cooling effect of mint. It is just a perfect herbal for today evening. And another evenings too.

JUNIPER RIDGE rocks! One of the best herbal teas I ever had. Close behind are Swiss teas I am drinking now. I wonder what are Czech producers doing wrong? Using old plants, overdried plants or what is making it so bland? Maybe not interesting blends? Maybe mixing too much different flowers and making it just weird herbal mix? I do not know and I am too afraid to ask.

Derk, thank you once more – another thanks are coming soon with finishing all three, eh – two, Juniper Ridge teas.

Steep time: around 10 minutes (-3+5), I am not really sure. But I think it does change anything.

Flavors: Mint, Sage

Boiling 8 min or more 10 OZ / 300 ML

I am glad you enjoyed it so much. I travelled again this week to do more juniper harvesting for the company. They have a new tea but I’m not going to mention what kind until I see it on their website.

Martin Bednář

oh I am so looking forward what they prepared for us again derk!

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drank Licorice by Higher Living
125 tasting notes

This tea is amazingly smooth for herbal.

It is not divine, but certainly interesting blend. Colour of brew is gold with green notes, clear, little dusty on bottom of the mug. It smells not suprisingly after licorice. But combined with something, probably a fennel which is in too. I think it is orange peel who makes it indeed nicely drinkable. But it does not overwhelm the taste of tea.

With last sips it is rather sweet for me, but that is licorice I guess. I expected it much spicier, but I have no trouble with it.

Flavors: Fennel, Licorice, Sweet

Boiling 4 min, 30 sec 2 g 10 OZ / 300 ML

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Received this little (7 grams) brick in redditgifts from Belarus. Now, it ´s time to check, if it is good, or bad.

Wrapping says, in traslation just, Top Pu-erh, 2003.

I did not wanted to make rinse, but made it. 15 seconds, maybe closer to 20. The rinse woke up all the aromas of wet rocks, earthy flavours, very mineral. I let it sip my brother and he claims it smells and tastes like something from old cottages. Maybe bit of tar, he says.

First steep is completely opaque dark brown, rather bit like black. I have oversteeped it?
It was just 20 seconds! Taste is quite drying, but actually same as aromas. Bleh, last sip was with lots of dirt.

Second steep…
I just looked into gaiwan before filling it with water. It looks quite dusty, small leaves, pieces of branches. Anyway, water in, lid on. 20 seconds. Aromas are weaker, taste milder. I like it. But still same, just not so drying.

25 seconds.
Same as second I guess. Maybe little bit more mineral.

Fourth brew:
30 seconds,
Apparently this tea is slowly over. I think one more steep. Or maybe it is just because I don´t enjoy those steeps at all. Too mineral for me, too earthy. This steep is more over muddy. Nah, I think it is over for me. It it getting more clear though. Now I feel even something cooling. Dunno, it is like mints.

Another steep, fifth – about 40+ seconds
still very dusty. Clear liquor though. More to red. It is just same as fourth. Completely same. It is just getting weaker every steep.

That´s it I guess. I probably will do more steeps, but if they don´t change flavour at all, I think – I won´t update it.

Boiling 0 min, 15 sec 7 g 3 OZ / 85 ML
Martin Bednář

I made about two more steeps. It remained really same and taste was more or less dirty or muddy.

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