553 Tasting Notes

drank Iced Green Tea: Peach by Steaz
553 tasting notes

Backlog #1: All I remember about this was that I was really tired of HonestTea tasting like flat tea with lots of sugar and I was thirsty after work. So, I decided to try the big canned tea by Steaz and I do love peach.

This was surprisingly tasty! It actually tasted like tea with a big punch of peach in the background. Well, it was more like peach with a green tea aftertaste. But, it actually tasted like tea and even though it was sweetened, it did not taste like canned tea.

They have some more flavors so I think I’m going to make a point of trying them all because you do get tired of water all of the time. And sometimes you don’t have the energy (or want) to brew and drink hot tea.

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I couldn’t stay away from this one and I had to give it a third steep of about seven to eight long minutes. It is very light in flavor with rose at the beginning and apple in the middle. I like it better if I think of an apple tea with rose instead of a rose tea with apple.

I think I am worrying mom with tea samples though. These samples just came in small packages in an envelope. Mom said that the envelope was almost opened (even though it didn’t look like it had been opened or searched) and she almost didn’t give them to me. For her sake, have other people’s samples came like this too? Or was there more packaging involved? I mean, the tea looks like tea and the individual packages are whole, but she is worrying a bit and her worrying is worrying dad. I don’t really want to worry Mom either. (and yes, I’m overage and a legal adult. My family is just really tight knit and they tend to worry about me some)


Yep, a business sized envelope with three tiny clear sample bags containing almost powder. I don’t know if it is supposed to be that fine or if it got crushed in the mail. The tea was fine even if it looked a little odd.


Thanks! That will probably make my mom feel better. Between her and my friends thinking that all tea in the mail looks like marijuana it isn’t easy convincing them that it is actually safe to consume sometimes (even if they know that it is only tea)


Haha! My hubby says that one day they are not going to believe me about those leaves in the mail! But every time I mail tea in an envelope I go to the post office and have it marked for hand canceling so the leaves don’t get squished. I always tell them up front it is tea leaves. Ice I opened the envelope I received from someone in the parking lot and realized how it must look, so I quickly stuck it in my purse. It was a ton of Moroccan Mint samples from Missy! One sniff and they would have known it wasn’t anything illegal! Don’t worry, I think everything would be fine. They can identify the real thing pretty quickly! It is nice to have someone to care, isn’t it? :)


Depending on how many samples I send, I usually use a manila padded envelope or a small box. I always include a note though :)


It is nice to have someone who cares for my safety. I just wish they were tea nuts too so they would understand! Lol.

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I got a sample of this and three other teas from Nina’s Paris. It arrived yesterday and my finace and I shared a cup of this earlier this morning.

Dry, it smells exactly like a sour green apple. It smells so sweet that it almost smells like the sour green apple candy lollipops that I used to love as a kid. It smells delicious.

The first steep separated out into two colors of tea at first because I poured it from my french press into teacups instead of my little teapot to use as a fair cup. So my cup was extremely dark and tasted like slightly sour fermented apples while my fiance’s cup was light and tasted like silk roses. After it was combined, they both tasted like smooth and slightly sour apples. Almost a wine taste but kinda not. The base tea was so mellow that I didn’t really taste it but it made the tea nice and smooth.

I did try a second steep and that tasted mostly of apples. More toned down but still smooth with no roses. I added just a touch of sugar and that made the rose pop a little bit more. But this is really mostly apple.

I’m not sure if I like it or not. I really, really want to like it but I can’t really taste the rose. I have enough to try it one more time so I’m going to do that before making up my mind about this tea.

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Had a cup of this with my fiancee yesterday. I had mine with milk because I am attached to having an Earl with milk at the moment. He had his plain. Both were delicious.

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drank Decaffeinated Hot Tea by Lipton
553 tasting notes

Work was exhausting today and I feel too tired to make one of my fancier teas. Just this with sugar for tonight. Good news is that I’m off two hours earlier tomorrow, so it won’t be as exhausting.

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Last of my bagged tea, but it is so comforting! Hot with milk and now I have no more English Breakfast tea.

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My fiance was running out of Earl Grey and he picked up a tin of this to share with me since he thought I would like a loose leaf Earl and he knows that I like Twinings tea.

The tea was not as astringent in the loose leaf version as it is in the bagged version. It brewed up a lighter amber color as well. It was still a delicious Earl with the bergamot shining through, but not replacing the flavor of the black tea.

I had most of my cup with milk for a smooth drink to have with my bacon and eggs this morning. It was yummy and I think I might be spoiled for my Earl Greys now. I want them all to be loose leaf. He gave me two big tablespoons of dry tea so it will last me a couple of days before I pester him for more.

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

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drank Ruby Sipper by SerendipiTea
553 tasting notes

My roommate Shwee found a new bakery in her town called Heavenly Buns which apparently has a sign of an angel mooning the pedestrians. She found this tea and thought that I would enjoy it so she sent me a sachet of this.

I wasn’t sure what it was because I didn’t look it up before hand so I brewed it for four minutes. It smelled divine and it brewed up to be this pretty pale pink! Plain, it didn’t taste like much so I added a little bit of sugar to my cup. Then it started to taste a little bit like grapefruit but not quite. Nice and light and mild.

Then I looked it up after finding the store on the label and discovered that it was a blood orange blend. Wow. I thought it would have been stronger than this but this was a very nice light tea. I have an awesome friend who thinks of me when she sees tea.


The sign for that place sounds hilarious!


I laughed when I read it in the letter. Apparently it has caused quite a stir in her sleepy little town.

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drank Bubble Tea by Custom
553 tasting notes

I splurged today and got a bubble tea from the mall when my fiance and I went. They had taro flavor and I had to try it. I am so glad I did! It was so delicious and I might have to get it again in a month or so. I’m not quite sure how to describe it and the only thing that I can come up with is bubble gum but not as sweet and not as gummy. It was really good though and I now know why that flavor is popular. Yum!


I’ve had actual taro before, and wasn’t a fan, but your review really makes me want to try taro flavored things!


It was really delicious. They used a taro bubble tea powder so you might be able to find it online somewhere.


If you can find taro frozen yogurt somewhere, try that! That’s my favorite way to have taro flavored things.


taro always reminded me of oreo cookies! sooooo good

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drank Earl Grey Decaf by Bigelow
553 tasting notes

I have now drank two travel sized mugs of this with milk in less than three hours. So tasty and just what I needed! This really means I need to get some Earl Grey of my own so I don’t feel guilty about borrowing mom’s stash (with her permission of course)

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I like Steepster, but I find that I come and go as I please. I might spend months on here and then disappear for no apparent reason. It depends on how busy my life is.

I have been moving solidly into the loose leaf tea territory lately and loving it. I have a french press I like brewing my teas in and I have all of my teas straight with no additions the first time I try it.

I like to try everything and I am starting to like everything. I love black tea, green tea, white tea, oolong tea, yerba mate,and honeybush. I’m still not the biggest fan of roobios, but that is probably because I haven’t found the right brand yet.

If you are curious about more than just my tea selection, I am on multiple sites.

Twitter: MegWesley



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