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I’m on some antibiotics now and I am feeling better. I’m glad. This tea (sweetened) also helps me feel better because it is so tasty. I like it better sweetened because the light smokiness drowns out the sweet greens when it is plain. When adding sugar, the smokiness is brought down a little bit and I can taste the lovely green tea. I just wish I had some mint to put with this.

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So, I was super exhausted because my body was trying to get sick, which it succeeded in doing today. Had to call off of work (feel really bad about that), but I have a doctor’s appointment in the afternoon. I don’t have my next work day until Saturday, so I will hopefully be better by then. Maybe I’ll be able to make one of my other teas today.

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Hot with milk. Very tired from work. Can’t wait to find a real career. Just one more day of work then I can simultaneously collapse and research. Life is hard.

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Had two steeps of this when I was making chocolate chip cookies. Tasted enough like a cookie to let me not eat all of the cookies in sight! I would have had a major stomach ache since I made a little more than four dozen cookies. With just one batch too, but they are good!

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I need comfort since I am dreading work tomorrow. With milk. Yum.


I hope your workday goes ok!


Thank you so much!

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Third steep on this one and I have a cooling effect in my mouth for an aftertaste. Light floral on that one. It tastes like worn soft leather feels. Strange to say that, but it does and it is very pleasant. This will probably be my last steep on this one for the day.

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I finally decided that I’m not going to put it off any longer and that I really, really wanted a rose tea. Today is the day I’m trying the ripened rose pu-erh mini tuocha.

I did a few seconds rinse followed by a short one-minute steep with a two minute steep waiting for me in my little red tea pot.

First, the tea is so dark it looks like coffee in my tea cup! I didn’t realize how light the teas were that I had been drinking until this morning, but this settles it. If nobody knew better, they would think I was drinking black coffee. I also enjoyed watching the tuocha fall apart in my french press. The rose on top of it also grew as it steeped which was lovely to look at when I re-filled it for the second steep.

The first steep of this is really, really mellow. It isn’t very strong at all. Instead it is rich and very slightly earthy. Just enough there to remind you that it is a pu-erh. I think the rose might have lightened up the taste, but I don’t taste it yet. Just lovely and smooth pu-erh.

I think if I gave this cup to my Dad he would drink it without realizing that it wasn’t coffee because it kinda tastes similar to it. Less bold than the brand he drinks of course, but it could pass off as a nice morning cuppa to some coffee drinkers I know. And it is so smooth that they could drink it without milk or sugar.

I’m starting to taste a slight malt as I’m reaching the end of my cup. I only brewed enough for one cup with the first steep, so once it is gone it is gone. But I’m really liking this mysterious malty flavor that popped up. I wonder if it will show up in the second steep or not.

The second steep has to be even darker than the first steep. There would be no question about it. If somebody saw me drinking this, they would think I was drinking black coffee out of a china tea cup. I think I can smell a tiny bit of rose with this cup. Just a touch. Maybe the rose will be more present in this steep.

The second steep tastes a lot like the first, but I think I am picking up a floral taste. Everything is blended together so well that I am having a hard time separating one thing from the other. Complex indeed.

There is a slight bitter twang at the back of my throat, but it isn’t unpleasant at all. A very dark taste that lightens up and reminds me of roses. Ah ha! That is where the flower taste really is. I can taste the roses lightly in the sip, but that bitter twang lightens into that smooth floral rose.

The more I sip it now, the more apparent the rose in the back of my throat becomes. This is why you need to be patient when drinking tea and that why we need to slow down to really taste what we are eating. I think I might be in love and I am so glad that I get two little tuochas per pouch.

I might try a third steep later after I enjoy my little second steep pot full.

Thank you for letting me try this Angel and the Teavivre team. I never would have ordered this by myself and letting me sample this has opened up a new world of pu-erh beyond what Numi offers. And I think I like it even better now.


I loved this one but must admit I couldn’t detect the rose except as mellowing the cup. I am jealous :) I think I have one left – how much water did you use?


These were great! I also love their Mengku Palace puerh, and the FengQing.


Well, I have a small french press that fits two tea cups or one mug. I probably used about 16 oz of water with one of the little tuochas for the second steep. 8 oz of water for the first steep.


Nice review! I love Teavivre regular ripened minis, but haven’t tried the rose one yet, sounds really good!


Thank you! I thought I would start with a flavored one since the pu-erhs I have had haven’t been favorites.

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Wow, I forgot how strong bagged teas can be. This one was steeped for only three and a half minutes and I even put milk in it. And it is decaf (by accident) and I still think it is strong. I needed a good black tea for in the mornings now since I’m working weekends at McDonalds, but I didn’t expect an English Breakfast to wake me up as much as an Irish Breakfast.

I am going to be prepared for the weekend now!

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Awe. Last steep isn’t as strong as the third one was. I knew I should have let it steep longer than four minutes for the last one. Oh well, I knew this had to be a staple when I did actually brew it the next morning and then went back to it after I got back home from my fiance’s house. It is still nice even though it is a little weak.

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I think this might be becoming one of my favorite oolongs. I keep picking it up when I feel upset or when I want to relax or even when I want to have something that will comfort me as much as a hug from my beloved. I just have really save feelings when drinking this and I don’t know why because I never had anything like this when I was little.

I used a little more leaf than usual and the taste was stronger. It wasn’t the normal cracker taste though. It was nice and bready, but it also had a delicate sweet aftertaste to it that I enjoyed a lot. There is probably several more steepings left in this and I might have at least one more before I get completely in bed, but I will probably have more in the morning with breakfast.

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I like Steepster, but I find that I come and go as I please. I might spend months on here and then disappear for no apparent reason. It depends on how busy my life is.

I have been moving solidly into the loose leaf tea territory lately and loving it. I have a french press I like brewing my teas in and I have all of my teas straight with no additions the first time I try it.

I like to try everything and I am starting to like everything. I love black tea, green tea, white tea, oolong tea, yerba mate,and honeybush. I’m still not the biggest fan of roobios, but that is probably because I haven’t found the right brand yet.

If you are curious about more than just my tea selection, I am on multiple sites.

Twitter: MegWesley



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