553 Tasting Notes

drank Nina's Japon by Nina's Paris
553 tasting notes

Not only have I had tea, I’m actually having a second steep of a tea as well! I brewed the water slightly hotter this time and boy oh boy is this second cup tasty!

I’m getting warm roasted marshmallow with a nice blend of green tea and black tea flavor. Then on the aftertaste I get melted marshmallow like I had just eaten a real golden fire-toasted one. It isn’t as sweet as the first cup was, but it is more delicious.

I have a feeling that if I had a tin of this then it would make a fantastic sweet iced tea. Sadly, I only have enough for one more big mug of this and I think I might save it and have it for another day.

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drank Nina's Japon by Nina's Paris
553 tasting notes

I’m really tired of my body trying to get me sick. I was scheduled off today, but my doctor is making me stay home the rest of the work week because they think I might have something going on with my appendix. I hope not. I am feeling better today, but we will know more tomorrow.

So I am finally getting back into tea (even though I am having quite a steamy love affair with coffee) and I decided to break out this one. The caramel notes and the vanilla are morphing into marshmallow. I’m not sure if I got this hot enough because that is all I am tasting. I’m not really tasting any of the green tea, but I am getting a roasty feeling from the rice.

Either way it is tasty. The fiancee approves too.

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I almost forgot that I did have this about a week ago. At first I was expecting something sweet. I have no idea why because both limes and pomegranates are the complete opposite of sweet. (Especially if you like the bitter pomegranate seeds like I do)

It was a nice light white tea with lime. The pomegranate taste was on the aftertaste side which made me sad. I was hoping the pomegranate would be the more dominant flavor with a lime aftertaste. I think this pairing would go better with a green tea, but the white tea is nice.

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Why, hello tea! I’ve missed you. In the time I’ve been away, I’ve had a short relapse with an extra large iced coffee drunk in a too short time period and with various sodas.

Hot and sweet in a nice large mug. Yum on the green tea with a hint of smoke. Extra sugar in my cup because it helps control the lion that is the smoke in this tea. I knew I was saving this for a good time. I’ll probably have this brewed more times and maybe have one iced. If I do have it iced, then I will write a tasting note for that one.

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I always find the mug method a little challenging to do without drinking the leaves. I really need to get myself a bombilla to help me with that. But I love the flavor I’m getting out of this with the mug method! Rich and buttery with both a floral and a mineral note. The leaves are slowly starting to unfurl so it will be easier to drink soon. I love doing this in my clear mug so I can see that.

Edit: Woah! Beware the last sip when you can’t figure out how to drink this quickly. Very veggie and mineraly. Good though. It looks like I have a forest in the bottom of my mug. Very fun.

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Backlog #6: I made a cup of this when my fiance was over visiting my family with the Hobbit. Hot with milk. Very different from Teajo’s Earl Grey but yummy and comforting in its own right.

I had a crazy work week last week so I just realized that my backlog was probably an entire week’s worth of teas that I managed to have even when I was utterly exhausted.

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drank Organic Mao Jian by Butiki Teas
553 tasting notes

Backlog #5: It is time to finish up this sample and I am going to be sad to see it go. It is just a mellow green tea that is great to go with anything. I will have to bring it back to my cupboard one day when I have more money to spend on tea.

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drank Decaffeinated Hot Tea by Lipton
553 tasting notes

Backlog #4: I don’t think I will ever not have Lipton tea bags in my cupboard because sometimes you just need a plain tea that is hot and sweet. Nothing fancy, nothing frilly. Just something that you can’t screw up very easily unless you let it sit for far too long.

Plus it does make a fantastic iced tea.


Don’t feel all alone I agree. I am more likely to have Tetley British Blend but its the same idea.

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Backlog #3: After the whole cherry ordeal, I decided that I was ready to try some of this Earl Grey. The only Assam tea that I have ever had has been in the Twining’s Irish Breakfast so I was expecting something extremely bold that I would need to have with milk.

Oh my god! Was I ever wrong about that!

This tea is utterly fantastic. The tea base is sturdy but not overly bold. It tastes like good tea. But the bergamot is just awesome! It tastes like you took a whole bergamot fruit and just squeezed the juice into your tea. It is fruity and juicy and leaves a clean and fresh taste in your mouth that you get right after you eat a ripe orange.

It is just utterly amazing and unlike any other Earl Grey that I have had.

The only thing is that you have to have it plain. Even if you add just a drop of milk, the tea base disappears and the bergamot turns sour. But if you have it plain it will be just fantastic!

Thank you Teajo Teas for letting me have a sample! I think I’ll have to explore the rest of your Assams if it is anything like this one.

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drank Aries by Nina's Paris
553 tasting notes

Backlog #2: This was one of the samples I got from Nina’s Paris and I was hesitant to try it after I looked it up because I am not the biggest fan of cherry. But I wanted to try it before I had it with my fiance.

My first mistake was smelling the dry tea. It smells like Robitussin cough syrup. That made me a little nervous. But once you brew it, the tea smells utterly fantastic! I would love to bottle the scent and smell it when I’m having a bad day because it smells like a mix between freshly baked cherry pie and a Yankee cherry candle. (both scents that I love so your mileage my vary)

Once brewed I tried it plain and it tasted like cherry, but it wasn’t a bad cherry. Little tart for my liking so I added some sugar, just one teaspoon of sugar so I didn’t have some tea with the sugar. It was nice and pleasant. The cherry flavor was balanced and not too overly cherry. I was actually liking it pretty well.

And then I started to read a book with my second cup and I let the tea cool down. Boom! Insta-cherry. Very strong and the sour cherry popped out. Once it cooled it was just way, way too much cherry for me.

So, if you like cherry then you will love this tea. I’m not the biggest fan because I’m not the biggest fan of cherry. Which is sad because I think this would be an excellent iced tea.

This does make me interested to explore their other rooibos blends because it was very balanced and it didn’t taste woody. Plus they have the zodiac so I can see if I like what they have for Scorpio.

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

oh darn, now I wish I’d got this as my sample. I looooove cherry

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I like Steepster, but I find that I come and go as I please. I might spend months on here and then disappear for no apparent reason. It depends on how busy my life is.

I have been moving solidly into the loose leaf tea territory lately and loving it. I have a french press I like brewing my teas in and I have all of my teas straight with no additions the first time I try it.

I like to try everything and I am starting to like everything. I love black tea, green tea, white tea, oolong tea, yerba mate,and honeybush. I’m still not the biggest fan of roobios, but that is probably because I haven’t found the right brand yet.

If you are curious about more than just my tea selection, I am on multiple sites.

Twitter: MegWesley



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