drank Je M'appelle Dorothee by THE O DOR
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After a local tea shop was clearing out all of their THE O DOR teas, I ended up buying a tin of the Je m’appelle Dorothee at a greatly reduced price. As I often drink hibiscus-based teas, I figured I would enjoy this tea.

The loose tea smelled amazing – I definitely smelled the pineapple and cherry notes and the aroma had a natural sweetness that tickled the nose. My tin had lots of dried cherries, currants and pineapple bits (and the odd banana chip) – in fact, I’d say it was probably about 40% fruit based on visual inspection. I’ve found with the herbal THE O DOR teas you have to steep to the maximum amount (or more) of the suggested time, so I infused the tea for 8 minutes.

As I’m used to hibiscus-based teas (I often drink hibiscus tea straight), I didn’t find the hibiscus in this tea overwhelming. If you’re not used to this type of tea, or you don’t enjoy this type, the hibiscus could definitely be overwhelming. Often I find hibiscus teas to have a harsh citrus tartness to them that can cause your mouth to pucker, but in this tea, it was more muted than in others that I’ve had. The slight pineapple and cherry flavours round out the tea, giving it a richness that I haven’t found in other hibiscus-based teas, as well as a bit of natural sweetness. Due to the natural acidity of the tea, there’s a slightly dry aftertaste.

As I usually drink hibiscus teas iced, I definitely wanted to try this tea iced. The aroma of the tea is very muted iced, but the flavour is still there. The natural sweetness was more pronounced in the iced version of this tea, which was great because it helped to mute some of the natural acidity of the tea. I also found that iced, Je m’appelle Dorothee has a bit of a citric aftertaste (my guess is if you drink this type of tea sweetened, the citric aftertaste would most likely not be noticeable).

While I really enjoyed this tea and will definitely finish the tin (drinking both hot and iced), I doubt I’ll purchase it again due to high price of THE O DOR teas and it no longer being carried locally.

185 °F / 85 °C 8 min or more

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I’m Meg, I’ve been a tea drinker most of my life, but for the last 5 years it’s become a hobby and bit of an obsession. I’m a stay-at-home mom with a degree in Anthropological Archaeology and love to cook, bake, read and watch classic movies. I have converted my husband from coffee to tea, though we do have very different tastes.

My tastes in tea tend to be similar to my tastes in books and music – all over the place. I love the classics, like a beautiful darjeeling, but I also love playful, more flavourful teas as well. I drink pretty much anything black, green, rooibos, herbal, plain, flavoured, loose leaf, bagged tea, iced or hot. I’m a new mom, so my ratings tend to be whenever I can get the time to post.

Favourite tea of the moment: Peche Mignon, THE O DOR (beautiful iced or hot)

My rating system (first attempt, so there may be later revisions):

 Horrible. Won’t be drinking this again – ever. Dumped out the rest of the cup/pot.

26-50: Definitely not something I’d buy again, but I might finish the stash (unless it’s a large amount or particularly bad). A one or couple of redeeming factors, but overall not a great tea.

 A drinkable tea, but unfortunately has one (or more) large flaws that will keep it from being a tea that stays in my cupboard. May need doctoring with (gasp) sugar, lemon or cream. I will finish the amount I have, but not purchase again.

 A great everyday tea and will probably stock it in my cupboard for daily drinking if it’s not too expensive.

86-90: Teas that I really enjoy, stock in my cupboard and drink often.

91-100: These are the ones that remind me why I love tea and am proud to be a tea drinker. Reserved for my favourite teas that I always keep stocked and/or teas that I save for special occasions.


Vancouver, BC

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