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I got this as a sample from my Laoshan black order. I’m sad to say that I had this under distracted and stressful conditions. This tea deserves better. When I was paying attention, I noted a creamy butterscotch and milk chocolate flavor. This is less roasted than thei black tea, and for this I am thankful. I enjoyed the first cup thoroughly.
Second steep was less amazing. Seemed to taste like generic roasted oolong. First steep is good enough to make this a possible buy though. :)

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Oh boy did I have too much caffeine today! 4-5 large cups of black tea. Last sip at around 5pm. I am still feeling shaky. Why didn’t someone stop me! So what to drink tonight? Thankfully, Angel sent me a sample of this lovely herbal! I’m always up for caffeine free stuff! But what the heck is a camellia anyway? Camellia sinensis is the tea plant, so is this tea its flowers?
Wikipedia to the rescue!
I can’t believe I used to go to the library to use Encyclopedias and books to do research.
So from what I gather, this may not necessarily be the flower of Camellia Sinensis but any of genus Camellia’s many species. In any case, it’s a beautiful flower.

The dried buds are light as feathers and smelled like sun dried hay and honey. The brew is sweet and reminds me of chrysanthemum, but less herby. I actually like this a whole lot. I can see the dried persimmon after taste Teavivre is describing here. Nice.

Now let’s hope this helps me push the caffeine out of my system so that I can sleep tonight. :(


I could be wrong here, but, I don’t think that this is completely caffeine free, since it does come from the Camellia Sinensis plant … but, it is certainly lower in caffeine than the leaf.


You might be right! Well that sucks… I feel stupid now. haha

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This tea is lovely! It looks and smells beautiful before you even add the hot water. Rose chocolate and orange. I can smell the orange more than the bergamot though both are definitely present. Dark bread crust and chocolate from the base, sweet nectar from the rose, and a lively citrus zest. It’s so balanced and well conceived! I would expect no less from a Verdant blend. I’m glad I got a sample of this. The next time I order, I’m getting a few ounces if this.

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This tea is pretty delicious. Sweet savory greens. Rich green leaves. Beautiful tea. So fresh! I think I’d enjoy this iced. I’m always looking for iced these day. :9

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drank French Roast by Teeccino
525 tasting notes

I quite enjoyed this! I got a sample at the NYC Coffee and Tea festival back in March and am only trying it. I’m not really a fan of coffee though so it probably wouldn’t satisfy a coffee drinker as a substitute. However, this is easy to enjoy purely on its on merits. It tastes roasty and robust. Probably not as robust as real coffee. Maybe. Eh, what do I know? It’s also a bit malty from the roasted barley. I had mine with a splash of almond milk and agave. delicious dessert drink. I looked into buying some but this stuff is pricy! I think I’ll stick with tea for now. :)

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drank Laoshan Black by Verdant Tea
525 tasting notes

Bit nervous about drinking this 2013 spring picked version. It smells like dreams come true. Dark chocolate ice cream. Fresh baked brownies. Wow.

The smell when hot water is added is kinda really roasty. Uh oh.

Taste is…really roasted. :( I guess the magical Laoshan black from my sample pack a while back is gone for good. It leaves a charcoal after taste in the back of my throat. I do get some dark chocolate flavor but the heavy roastiness is just not my thing. Sadness. Maybe I’m just crazy and it never tasted like I remembered it tasting.

This is still a good tea though, don’t get me wrong. It’s just not magical.


Maybe you can play with the steeping parameters? That’s disappointing.


Hope you western brew this and I under-leaf mine just a little which my sensitive taste buds respond to better. You might have to find your sweet spot beginning with far less leaf and adding to it.


that makes me a little sad mercuryhime. I’ll need to order some and see how it fares with me.


I will keep trying. I got 2oz. But yeah. I might just be nuts.

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drank Lemon balm by Earth
525 tasting notes

I’m adding this to my cupboard even though I actually only have it in alive form in the garden. I go out and pluck leaves for tea every now and then. It’s the first thing that comes out of the ground in the spring (that and the chives) and it’s the last thing to die or go dormant in the fall (plus the chives again). I’ve taken to pouring boiling water over a good handful of fresh leaves and then chilling for iced tea. Delicious and refreshing. :) I love having this herb. I still remember the day I bought the little sprout at the Farmers’ Market. :)


oooh I have to try having some iced. I also found my bird can eat so he can have some while I have iced tea!


Awesome bonding opportunity :D


more meaningful than the youtube videos we have been watching together hahaha

Terri HarpLady

I also have lemon balm in my herb garden, among other things, lol. As of this spring, it also is growing clear across my yard in one of the beds. Surprise!


Terri, that happens to me every year. It will pop up somewhere unexpected. Mine seems to be behaving this year though. :)

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This tastes amazing cold brewed. Citrus and vanilla. Sweet and refreshing. It tastes cleansing and pure. This might actually be my favorite green tea.

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It is, again, the time of year when I NEED a pitcher (or two) of cold brewed tea in my fridge at all times. This particular tea is starting to show its age, but is still muy delicious. It tastes fabulous cold brewed but not so good hot. I’ll miss it when it’s gone.

On an unrelated note, I am grateful that, as a woman, I am allowed to wear skirts and dresses to work. My poor fellow male coworkers come to work in full business formal suits everyday. I am so sorry, fellas. I do get cold in the hyper AC environment, but that just means I get to enjoy hot tea all year so I don’t really mind. I honestly get peeved when an organization dictates that females must wear skirts (some schools I’ve worked in) and males must wear pants. I find it unfair and gender biased. Why should a girl have to suffer cold and snow in a skirt? Why should a boy get hot and sweaty in pants? Let the girls wear pants! It’s pretty common these days. We don’t live the 16th century anymore. And while our culture might not be ready for boys to wear skirts (though I wish we were all a little more accepting and welcoming of diversity) at least let them wear shorts in hot weather. End rant.


Yeah, let the boys wear skirts! Why should they get hot and sweaty?!? :D


Imagine the freedom to dress how you like without social backlash!

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So the last time I had this, it was brewed in a gaiwan. I think I prefer this western style and gong fu made it a bit too intense. It’s deliciously fruity. I still get honeyed prunes with just a hint of cocoa. A wonderful black tea.

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I came from a tea drinking family, but I never appreciated the different qualities and varieties of tea until older. All that time wasted! But I guess I needed to be mature enough to appreciate the tea experience. :)

My favorite teas are green oolongs and white tea. I also love greens, especially gyokuro. I have a huge appreciation for rooibos and honeybush as they are often that only thing I can drink in the evening. I am a relatively new convert to black teas. This is unfortunate for my wallet but extremely wonderful for my palate. :)

In any case, I have a love for both flavored and unflavored teas. They are different experiences for sure, but both enjoyable. I find that it often depends on my mood.

I am on a quest to find a tea that will win my husband over. I think I’m making some headway…

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