20 Tasting Notes


I received this as a requested sample from Teavivre and I’m glad I did.Very dark green nearly black & gold, small dry leaf in the bag, smelling wonderfully of chocolate. Steeping to a cocoa/ malt flavored brew with a thick mouth feel. Very smooth without bitterness. Great value for the price!

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I received this as a generous sample from Verdant.
The dried balled leaves are a dark olive green, not black and not overly manipulated. The whiff of dry leaf from the bag is vegetal and tobacco-like, withholding it’s true character until steeping.
The cup yields a beautiful flower essence (somewhere between Jasmine & lily) balanced with warm green hay and round brown sugar notes which linger on the tongue.
The floral is decidedly there but not cloying or overpowering. Truly in balance with the other notes. I’m not a fan of (overly) floral teas and was worried I may tire of this one. It’s the underlying balancing notes which tease the palate to yearn for more. The best Tieguanyin I’ve had to date.

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drank Laoshan Black by Verdant Tea
20 tasting notes

A remarkable tea for only two years in the making.
Dark chocolate and tobacco are the main notes of the large, twisted leaves in the bag. It was hard to believe how chocolatey the reviews were, but they were dead on right.
I was going to wait until autumn to order, but with a mid-May frost in the offing I was glad I didn’t. As stated by Angrboda, the steeped tea is more milky in taste, rather like a cocoa than dark chocolate, with absolutely no bitterness to it. There are vegetal/ grain/ tobacco notes to it to, giving it’s ‘nose’ great depth. I’ve recently come to the blacks after many years of greens and whites and I’m bowled over by the flavor depth here. If you’ve only experienced black tea in the bag. Fasten your seat belts and be prepared for your world to be rocked!

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I received this as a lovely sample with my Teavivre order. The dry tea is a very small dark olive, producing a golden green cup. A silky, sweet, hay and honeyed cup, which is reminiscent of a sweeter, softer, less green dragonwell. Not bitter, not flowery, but vegetal and honeylike. Very much enjoyed.

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Rolled, balled, with floral and vegetal scent, deep green leaves, unfurl in the cup. Give this fragrant tea time to steep. The scent in the cup is floral but deeper, more like a subtle incense with a vegetal green in the background. A good value

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Opening the bag, little curly, fluffy,corkscrew leaves in lovely shades of green from pale to deep. When steeped, sweet vegetal taste with a hint of smokiness and honey. More subdued in flavor than a good dragonwell, tending more towards a white in its lightness. Very smooth with a silky, slightly smoky aftertaste that lingers. A good alternative to Dragonwell and a good added staple to a green tea lover’s larder. Inexpensive, for the quality. An excellent value for everyday drinking.

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I received this as a sample and was my first foray into the Oolongs.
The dark leaves steeped to a golden red liquor
Round and very floral, sweet, smooth with no bitterness and a velvety aftertaste.

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I received this tea as a sample and I’m glad I did!
Small ebony leaf, smells like caramel, honey or candy in the bag without being cloying.
A light sweet smooth, plum-like, cocoa-caramel, very low in smokiness with no bitterness. No one scent overpowers, but a rich and mellow flavored Keemun. Priced economically, a good tea either hot or cold

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My favorite white! Love to watch the beautiful tea leaves dance as they steep. A sweet, light but distinct flavor that one does not tire of. An excellent tea for everyday! A little more pricey but well worth it

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My Go-To Tea!
Beautiful color and the best dragonwell I’ve tasted. Nutty, slightly roasted, slightly vegetal, but deliciously smooth. I drink it everyday, all day long and never tire of it. It won’t burn or taste off if steeped at a higher temperature, (but is ideal around 180/185). Extremely affordable for everyday use and very high quality. My personal favorite and TeaVivre’s wonderful service makes it a perfect experience all-round!

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