drank To Life by Teavana
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I tried the tea 2 times and, unfortunately,I don’t find it really tasty. I taste the white tea well, but that’s about it. Maybe I should put more tea in my teaball? I was expecting a fruity tea and it’s not what I’m getting. What do you guys do for it to be tasty??? I’m still giving an okay note (60), because the it is not bad, but it’s really not what it announces. In my case, at least…
I will try again with more tea in the teaball and update the note.

8 months later we are. I find myself looking at my tea collection to see which ones I’m not gonna keep. My mother loves tea, but she doesn’t mind about the fruity taste. As long as it tastes tea. In my case, I don’t really like the taste of tea alone. I prefer when it’s flavored. So when I buy a tea and I find a lack of fruit, flower, chocolate (or whatever kind it is) flavor, I give it to my mother.

Anyway, back to the story. So I see this tea in my collection and I think about why I didn’t like it at first. I was expecting a lot of fruit flavor and I was disappointed. Having lowered my expectations a lot, I decide to try this tea with, in mind, the idea that I won’t like it more than before. THE-DISCOVERY. It’s good! I caught myself driking it again and again. Since I wasn’t expecting all that fruity flavor anymore, I wasn’t disappointed. The fruits are there, but just slightly. That’s okay for me now. I will boost the note because I think it deserves it. In fact, I’m giving it a 90.

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Hi, I’m a canadian woman in the late 20’s and I speak french so I’m sorry for the eventual misspellings!

I mostly drink teas from David’s tea collection because they are more accessible to me. They are also friendly and diversified. I’ve learned to like the taste of tea leaves. On my steepster blog, you used to only find ratings of flavoured, spicy, chocolatey, fruity or herbal teas :) In fact, I was only drinking herbal teas before I discover David’s tea because I didn’t really know anything about tea varieties.

I love trying new teas. When I buy new kinds, I always have a hard time deciding which one I will be trying first.

And here are my ratings:
100 = Cannot live without
90-99 = Excellent, I will NEED to buy again
75-89 = Very good, I would buy again, why not?
70-74 = Good, I would drink if I had some, but I wouldn’t mind not having some
50-69 = Disappointing but still drinkable
0-49 = Erm… No.


Quebec, Canada

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