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This is one of the new teas I bought last week. Yeah, I know, I can hear you : Whattt? You bought it last week and just tried it??? Yes. I did that. This tea is now one of my favorites. I could say it tastes what I wanted last year’s Grape Expectations to taste. Grape Expectations was a big disappointement to me. But Green Passionfruit? Nooo. It was perfect. Well, almost perfect. I found it a bit weak but it may be my fault since I was at the office and I don’t have any real measuring tools there. Water temperature and tea quantity were a bit random. Anyway, I will buy it again and I strongly hope it will stay in David’s permanent collection because I want it to stay in mine. Forever. :)

Flavors: Fruity, Pleasantly Sour, Raisins

Margaret D

It’s not just you… I found it a bit weak as well, and I used a Perfect Spoonful. Tasty though!

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drank Eggnog by DAVIDsTEA
73 tasting notes

Oh dear, I had so much hopes with that tea. But the nutmeg… The nutmeg. I don’t like nutmeg. I tolerate it, that’s it. I received the tea by mail when I came home for lunch, so I tried it in the afternoon at the office, just like that, in hot water. It was OKAY. I was so disappointed. I wanted to like that tea so much because it looked sooo appealing at first. Thus, I decided I had to try it with some milk. So, tonight, I’m trying it with milk. Oh, and cinnamon. To hide the nutmeg taste, you see. I must say I’m starting to like it. So, well, mission half-accomplished. I don’t believe I’m gonna buy it again, though ; I think I can recreate it my own way.

Flavors: Nutmeg

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First thing you’ll notice is the great smell of that tea. Yum! I’m actually gonna give it a 90 because I like it a lot. It doesn’t taste what I was expecting, but it’s ok. It’s not tart as a raspberry. Of course, because it mostly contains leaves and few fruits. This is a good and soothing tea!

Flavors: Raspberry

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drank Cocomint Cream by DAVIDsTEA
73 tasting notes

In 2012, I gave a 100 note to this tea. It had became my favorite of all time. I was so excited when I heard its comeback for 2014. This year? Not my favorite anymore. Why? THEY ADDED SPEARMINT. Why in the world would you add spearmint to it? It was PERFECT 2 years ago. Now, it has a strange spearmint gum taste. The old version was DEFINITELY BETTER. I’m still gonna give it a 90 this year because I can’t stop drinking it anyway. But it’s a lot less awesome now.

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drank Vanilla Chai by DAVIDsTEA
73 tasting notes

I tasted it as a TOTD today and I liked it. It’s a bit sad that I decided not to buy black teas anymore (I drink coffee in the AM and after that I’m looking for something with weak caffeine). Otherwise, I would have bought it. I loved its sweetness and the hot spicy final. It’s a win for me :)

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I stopped at David’s tea today to restock and this was a TOTD. I tasted it and I decided not to buy it. Why? It did not taste BAD, but IMO, it lacked originality and taste. If someone gave it to me for free, I would still drink it, but I won’t buy for sure.

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drank Cotton Candy by DAVIDsTEA
73 tasting notes

I got it as a sample from an online order. I steeped it and, well… Though the taste was OK, it was too sweet and only made me thirsty. Unfortunately, this one isn’t for me.

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I could compare this one to Just Peachy since it’s the same "style. I prefer Just Peachy, though. But this one is not bad too. It tastes like a good fruit cocktail, great for the summer!

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drank Sangria by DAVIDsTEA
73 tasting notes

Another great summer tea from David’s tea. I only tried it hot, but I’m sure it would be excellent with red wine, for a sangria. It already has the taste, it just needs the alcohol and the ice ;)

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drank Just Peachy by DAVIDsTEA
73 tasting notes

This is an awesome tea! It tastes just like peach cocktail, but without sugar. David’s tea really brings us delicious teas, this summer. I love it.

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Hi, I’m a canadian woman in the late 20’s and I speak french so I’m sorry for the eventual misspellings!

I mostly drink teas from David’s tea collection because they are more accessible to me. They are also friendly and diversified. I’ve learned to like the taste of tea leaves. On my steepster blog, you used to only find ratings of flavoured, spicy, chocolatey, fruity or herbal teas :) In fact, I was only drinking herbal teas before I discover David’s tea because I didn’t really know anything about tea varieties.

I love trying new teas. When I buy new kinds, I always have a hard time deciding which one I will be trying first.

And here are my ratings:
100 = Cannot live without
90-99 = Excellent, I will NEED to buy again
75-89 = Very good, I would buy again, why not?
70-74 = Good, I would drink if I had some, but I wouldn’t mind not having some
50-69 = Disappointing but still drinkable
0-49 = Erm… No.


Quebec, Canada

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