I should straight up review this tea at some point… it is like bulang light… as in bitterness but some aspects of florals and more subtle notes you don’t normally get from BULANG. Also delicious honey notes. This is one of my favorite teas, and I could drink it everyday… and need to save some to do that once it’s older and less tummy aggravating.

Anyways, when I was trying a sample of w2t’s 2015 colbert… the menghai blends made me think of each other. They have a lot of similarities… so I ended up having a show down between them yesterday. This is that tea drunk rant, after that Game of Thrones finale traumatized me:

For post 13… we have the Song of Water and Fire… The game of bulangs. You win or you doom cart.
To the left is our Geisha Snow, the Tea Urchin 2014 Bulang Beauty. To the right White 2 Tea’s champion: Colbert Targarian.

With a year of experience under her belt Geisha Snow has a much more refined taste. Future citizens of Bulang Shan will have a well rounded mannered experienced leader everyone can love. And at $99 for a full size cake, many more citizens can afford and enjoy her.

Fiesty and freshly plucked from the province of Yunnan comes Colbert Targarian. You can tell by looking at those big strong leaves that they can handle the heat of firey waters. While this champion is still green, the after taste endures. Colbert is a bit fiesty and still has those rough bulang manners. So he is a champion for those who already support Bulang-Shan ’ s claim to the throne, and is unlikely to convert any devotees to the path of Yiwu. Also at $80 for 200 grams, or $151.20 for a full size cake… This is a great leader this year for hard core bulang followers.

Both are great drinks and have show worthy wrappers.

At the end… I preferred Bulang Beauty… which pleased me because I really enjoyed Colbert but I already have a cake of Bulang Beauty to love and cherish. Based on what people say about aging, I’m sure Colbert will age better in the long term. It has a fuller body and bitterness… so if someone had money they should get both and enjoy them one after another :P

Flavors: Bitter, Floral, Honey

5 g 2 OZ / 59 ML

great note! :)

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great note! :)

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