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Seeing as how I begin every weekday morning with a warm thermos full of ‘Banana Nut Bread’ I find it fitting that this be the flavour choice for my second tea blog!

From the moment I opened my 75g bag of BNB and reluctantly walked out of DT, I knew that the aroma was not going to let me down once I had steeped myself a cup. At first whiff, banana was the most prominent flavour and was enhanced by the sweetness of the other fruits and nuts. After a seemingly long journey of anticipation to try this new tea, I arrived home and did not hesitate to start the kettle, grab my “HunchBack of Notre Dame” tea mug (given to me by my amazing Uncle when I was younger) and scoop two generous teaspoons of BNB into my infuser. Knowing that this was a herbal tea I decided to let it steep for as long as I was kept occupied with house work, as I figured this tea could only taste better with a longer steep time. Low and behold, 20 minutes later and BNB did not disappoint!

One of the first things I noticed about this tea, however, were the pale yellow colour and the thin layer of oil on the surface of the tea, which I assumed was from the nuts. Worried about the lack of flavour I was expecting to taste, having seen the colour of the tea, I was pleasantly surprised by the warm and subtle flavour that was left on my tongue. Contrary to the almost overpowering scent of banana from the dry tea, the nuts seemed to takeover the tastebuds once brewed.

Not being someone who is dependent on caffeine to wake me up in the morning, this is the perfect tea because it has all the flavour of fresh baked banana bread, minus the calories of course, with a sweet and smooth aftertaste that keeps me longing for more and happy the rest of the day.

I will note, however, that one of the only downfalls this tea has for me is its heaviness, which in turn drives the price of it up dramatically. Let’s just say that I won’t be spending upwards of $30 on a full tin of tea again anytime soon and am now using BNB as sparingly as possible without having to sacrifice flavour!

Boiling 8 min or more

You just succeeded in making my mouth water. And now I really want to find this tea or a slice of banana bread… no, tea for sure.. it’s chilly right now… Collin Mocharie voice "Thank you… THAAAANK YOU! :D <3

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As you will soon find out, DAVIDsTEA is without a doubt my favourite tea shop!! I still remember the first time I ever set foot in DAVIDsTEA, during the middle of December after I had just finished writing a 3 hour exam. My fiance and I were out Christmas shopping, as one tends to do at the last minute, when we stumbled upon a new shop in our local mall. Curious to see what DAVIDsTEA was all about, we entered to browse around and were immediately offered a sample of ‘Toasted Walnut’. Much to our surprise, we fell in love with the warm, rich flavour that the combination of various nuts and green tea left us savoring long after we’d finished our samples. Intrigued by the concept of loose leaf tea, and pleasantly surprised with the immense flavour it held, we ended up leaving with two 100g tins (one Toasted Walnut, the other Love Tea #7). It was not long after this experience that we were back in DAVIDsTEA scouting out more flavours to add to our budding collection, which I am only too happy to discuss in subsequent blogs!
For now, I will end my first tea blog by saying that ‘Toasted Walnut’ presented a light, sweet and flavourful blend that proved green tea does not have to be bitter to be delicious!

175 °F / 79 °C 7 min, 0 sec

Well I for one,am interested in trying this “Toasted Walnut” tea for myself. I’m not a huge lover of green tea so if this beats the bitter then i’m game. Now if only there were a DAVID’s TEA around here somewhere. Nonetheless, will be on the hunt. Super excited your blogging. Keep it up! Looking forward to more posts :)

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Growing up in an all around British family, I began enjoying tea at a young age. Beginning in late elementary school, right up until I graduated high school, I began every morning with a cup of ’Tetley’s’ Orange Pekoe. It wasn’t until my fourth year of university that I discovered the deliciousness loose leaf tea had to offer! Having recently graduated from university with my Bachelor of Arts Degree, I am now continuing my education in a specialized college program. As I embark on this new educational journey, the various flavours of loose leaf tea I have stacked in my cupboard, and continue to acquire, will undoubtedly wake me up during early mornings and keep me going throughout the rest of the day. Thus begins my tea blog!

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