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Today’s tea was a Rasberry Green Tea Kombucha. The ingredients were green tea that had been fermented to be fizzy and mixed with organic sugar and raspberries.

It was a decent drink with a semisweet mild flavour. As a soft drink type of drink
It would be great. However, there wasn’t anything green tea like or raspberry tea like.

At $4 a bottle, it was expensive. The alcohol level is 1% too, which is twice that of juice.

The other day I had a cup of Assam with a frozen raspberry jelly donut. Now that was yummy.

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I get cravings for peach tea.

I decided to make my own this time. A second steeping of Assam, which made the tea less tannic. I added a left over bag of Celestial Seasonings peach tea.

It worked out really well. Good peachy flavour, nice background. Could have used one less teaspoon of sugar, though.

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Today’s random steeping was a Genmaicha. The tea was served after a meal. It was a mix of genmaicha with a bit of matcha in the tea bag. Overall it had a bit of a confused flavour. I definitely got the toasted rice, just not the balance of the green tea.

The tea cup was awesome though. Imagine a cold, rainy day and you search for warmth. The cup is round and rough to fit your hands and the material is stone like and transfers the heat to you. :)

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drank Sencha by Mitoku
123 tasting notes

I just found this new Sencha, far from Japan. At 5 grams of tea, it was a bit strong, so I added a couple of tea spoons of sugar. The second time, I changed the amount to two teaspoons of tea.

It’s got that tartness of sencha, for sure. Liquor was on the yellow side. Leaves green.

I’ll review it again later.

250 OZ / 7393 ML

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This is my second tasting note for the Ceremonial matcha from Nishio imported by David’s Tea.

The colour of the powder is a nice green. It froths up decently and the colour in the bowl is dark green with a lighter shade of froth. The aroma is good, as well.

$25 for 50 grams makes it a good value.

I add sugar to my matcha. Otherwise, I drink it in the traditional manner.

My only real problem is the fact that matcha from David’s Tea sits in a big can and all their employees reach into that can everytime someone orders a drink. This means that it’s not as hygenic. Static electricity also builds up. You can see the little balls in the package. I always sift before making each cup.

This is a good choice for novice drinkers, as well.

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I get this one when I go to Starbucks. There are two small tea bags tied together. I get the largest cup they have. I just leave it in the cup for a bit.

This is one of the best green teas ever. It is a flavourful green tea .

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drank Silken Pu'erh by DAVIDsTEA
123 tasting notes

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Today’s tea was a bit of a mystery. Ok, I assume it is a Ceylon, but the mystery was how to drink it.

At first, I just found that it brewed a super weak cup of tea. Forget about a second steep from these leaves!

However, I tried to up the amount of tea used to three small tea spoons. The flavour was now a good ceylon. Although I still couldn’t get resteeps out of it. The tea was a real orange colour in a clear cup or a rose colour in a darker cup.

I think the lesson here is that you need to experiment with your teas to bring the best out of them. Price is definitely a factor in teas you need to use more of. $10 / 100g is a good price, $20 is not!

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drank Vanilla Orchid by DAVIDsTEA
123 tasting notes

The vanilla flavour and aroma is awesome. Not too strong, not too light. Just right!

I decided to try this tea, because I have been experimenting with drinking oolong that has been placed directly in the cup. It really does take time for the leaves to expand.

This tea leaf was tightly rolled and on the green side, for an oolong. The leaves unfurled to 4/10’s of a davids tea cup. :)

I also recommend the Tie Kwan Yie tea, which they also sell.

Flavors: Vanilla


I must have this tea!

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