Cold Brew Tasting Note
20 g Tea
1 L of water (approx.)
24 hours brewing time

I have been drinking high grade gyokuro konacha for a month or two prior to receiving this tea, so I have an idea of what I am looking for.

I poured off the clear portion of the tea and saved it. I then rinses the tea with abput 450 mL of water. This gave me the cloudy green tea that is so delicious. I found this tea to be more muted in flavour than other oned that I have drank.

On the other hand, the clear tea was definitely more flavourful.

This was the most expensive cold brew that I have done to date ar $17 usd.

I also think that it is a bit of a shame to use this tea for cold brew, as the first hot brew is so incredible.

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