My Red Leaf Tea order came in the mail yesterday! I did a happy dance through the hallways back to my apartment (and got a few strange looks on the way). First order of business : try my matcha!

I went with the destinctive flavor on this one because I am a HUGE cheesecake fan and I’m also a matcha newbie, so I thought destinctive would be a good choice. I also included a bamboo whisk and scoop in my order and boy am I glad I did! The whisk I recieved is so neat! It even comes with a little case that I can store it in without worrying about the bamboo getting all messed up and I know it will keep it’s shape better. I have to say, if you are preparing your matcha without a bamboo whisk you are really missing out! Using the whisk really did change my results. Instead of my matcha being grainey, it’s now all blended very well and thick. When I prepared matcha with my metal kitchen whisk it was never thick like this and the matcha always ended up settling a bit at the bottom of my cup.

If you don’t have a whisk you should include one in your order next time! It is well worth the investment and very affordable through Red Leaf.

For my first cup I made my matcha the traditional way. Sift matcha, add water, whisk until frothy, add a bit more water and enjoy. Mmm I’m getting such a different result with this matcha than with the tiramisu I’d had previously. I think that’s due to the flavoring difference (destinctive instead of delicate) and the fact that I have the proper tools now. It’s thick and the green tea base is much less sharp than I previously remember. It’s there, but it’s more enjoyable this time. The cheesecake flavor is very smooth.

Immediately I knew I had to make another cup as a latte. This really allowed the creamy cheesecake flavor to come through. Toward the end of the cup I was really able to taste the buttery crust. I made a latte for my boyfriend and he really enjoyed his too! Success.

Get your cheesecake matcha here:

And don’t forget to pick up a bamboo whisk while you’re at it! You won’t regret it.

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