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I tried one sencha yesterday, so I thought I’d follow it up with another! The inside of the packet looks like the leftovers from a hay bale, except green. So perhaps an alfalfa bale. These leaves smell a lot sweeter than yesterday’s. Sweet dry alfalfa. I went for the minimum recommended steep time (2 min). The liquor is a pale gold with a tinge of green. It gives off a faint…..dry grass, almost roasted scent. The taste reminds me of high-summer hay. A little grassy, a little roasted, more body, but still light. There’s an almost metallic tang on the end, but it’s swallowed up by the sweetness in the breath. (I probably used too hot of water.)

Further steeps revealed this to be true….

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I’m just starting out on my tea journey. There is so much to learn. O.o

First stop: try as many of the free teas around me as possible!

My ratings:
0-15 I couldn’t even finish the cup
15-35 I regretted brewing the cup
35-50 Drinkable, but not enjoyable
50-60 Drinkable
60-75 Recommendable, enjoyable, also intriguing
75-85 Wonderful, hits-the-spot
85-95 I’d love another cup and I’ll push one on you, too
95-100 The best tea ever


Washington, USA

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