This tea has been sold out for a while… I took my time to purchase it and actually snagged one of the very last ones. It is really hard for me to keep myself from purchasing the cheesecake blends from 52teas, they are so tasty!! It has taken me quite a while to get around to trying it. I am trying to make myself drink through a few of my teas before I allow myself to try new ones. I am mostly succeeding, except when I don’t and fail miserably and buy more tea and drink new ones before I drink down what I should… Oh well! :)

As soon as you open this tea it smells like freshly cut apricots. Mouth-watering. There are a few large leaves, but mostly they are large fragments of fuzzy white tea. The leaves has small diced pieced of apricot that seem to be dried apricot. Yum!

Once brewed, the light yellow tea smells undeniably like apricot with a hint of tartness to it. I am not really getting any cheesecake scent from it. I am getting, strangely enough, a coconut rum scent. Yep… Coconut rum… It was so odd! I had to sniff it a few times, but surely enough, I kept smelling something that reminded me strongly of rum…

The taste was all apricot. There was a hint of creaminess and tart that was evidently the cheesecake playing in. I had it unsweetened, so I will have to try it sweetened to see how it plays with the flavours. I really enjoyed its natural sweetness and smooth flavouring. The apricot worked really well with the Shou Mei. All in all a delicious experience. Just in case you were wondering, I got no rum flavour at all (in my case, this is a good thing!)

All in all, even factoring the random rum scent I found, this is a really tasty tea. I great way to end a long and particularly stressful day! :)
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I love tea and have since I was a little girl. Once I could buy my own tea, I began to explore and learn about the extensive and delicious world of tea!

Also, love my French Bulldog (named Sencha…) and my tea oblivious boyfriend. I enjoy ice skating (I am a part time coach), reading, writing, baking, running, and lots of sweets!

My favorite teas tend to be on the sweeter side. Both flavored and plain teas are great to me. Currently going through a flavored tea phase. Enjoying it greatly! : )


Quito, Ecuador

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