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Last cup of the day. This tea smells and tastes like freshly baked bread, or sweet wheat sheaves. It has a completely different flavour profile than Verdant’s Ya Bao, and in my opinion is much, much better. It is smooth and soft, where Verdant’s is harsh and prickly, and it recalls sweet rice or bread or wheat, and not green pines. And for a nice surprise after every sip – open your mouth slightly, and let air waft in.
One of my favourite teas, with a constant place in my cupboard, and my top five. A true evening comfort tea, and an instant pick-me-up.


That sounds magical. I really need to try my sample soon.

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This is very astringent today, I don’t know why. No smokeyness – just a powerful astingency. Running low on this tea – I have around 5 brews left, I guess.

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This is not as good as Gillard’s Kenya, but it will most definitely do.

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I don’t usually appreciate smokey teas much, mainly because those that I had used massive amounts of smokey flavouring to cover the taste of poor quality tea. This sample, from the kind and wonderful Terri, surprised me. It’s not overpoweringly smokey, but more in the range of Keemun smokey. It also has a sweetness, and even a slight nuttiness to it. Very nice, although I probably wouldn’t go out of my way to stock it. This is more a matter of personal preference than a matter of the tea being of poor quality. By all means, if you like smokey teas, this one is probably a must. Thank you for the experience Terri! Even though this was a sip down, I may try to resteeep what I have, just to see how it resteeps.

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Silky tea with a medium body and some astringency. Tastes like raisins and stone fruit, and too light bodied for milk.

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Had a morning cup of this tea, which actually rebrews really well. Managed to get 5 steeping out of it (to share with five people). A good, bass-y, slightly smokey, strong tea.
I wish that I had some more…

Terri HarpLady

I occasionally get some Kenyan Kaproret from the London Tea Room (in St. Louis)
I love it, you described it perfectly!


I’m so glad that you sent me a sample of it – I don’t think that I have many steepings left of Gillard’s Kenya, and I’m starting to look for replacements, since I will not likely be going to Bath again anytime soon (a very nice city, though).

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drank Nilgiri by Whittard of Chelsea
421 tasting notes

At the tail-end of a day of back-to-back meetings, I made a cup of this tea for me, two of my regular office tea pals, and the security guard in the entrance to our building. It’s cold outside, and some of them are sniffling with the cold, and so the cup was very gratefully received. When you make yourself a cup, take some time to look around and see if anyone else won’t appreciate a comforting beverage, especially at this time of year. You may make someone’s day…

Terri HarpLady

I love serving tea to my students, especially the adults. I like to hand them a cup when they walk in the door. I agree, it’s most always welcome, gratefully received. :)

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Brewed a strong cup of this, as a bedtime treat. It is a wonderful reddish-copper. This tea can be taken plain, but seems to love sugar. That just makes its cookie taste pop!

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drank Laoshan Black by Verdant Tea
421 tasting notes

Backlogging a cup from this morning. Almost through a 2oz pouch of this tea. But plenty more is at hand.
I love the new verdant tea canisters. They are very attractive, and I “accidentally” left one in my tea cupboard, instead of gifting it away :)


Oops ;)

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drank Royal Blend by Fortnum & Mason
421 tasting notes

Had this with milk and sugar, and blueberry muffins that I just made. This tea is rather on the rough side without milk, and improves immensely with it


good to know…this is in my cupboard but i haven’t tried it yet heh

Terri HarpLady

Did somebody say ‘blueberry muffins’?

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An Israeli computer programmer with a passion for tea (mostly bought in yearly shopping sprees in the UK), particularly black, oolong and white. I don’t generally enjoy flavoured teas or herbal infusions, but if a tea sounds interesting and smells nice I’ll most definitely try it. I drink several cups of tea a day, usually one or two in the morning, another one after lunch and one or two in the evening. My favourite tea so far is Lao Cong Zi Ya from Norbu Tea, but I’m constantly trying new teas. Only in the past year have I branched into Pu’erh and non-roasted oolongs. Finding good tea in Israel is difficult, so I import most of my teas from yearly visits to London, or from online retailers. If you see something in my cupboard that sparks your interest and you would like to swap with me, then please message me. I’m almost always up for a swap.


Tel Aviv, Israel

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