2279 Tasting Notes

Just another herbal thing I’m trying to drink up. Even though turmeric tastes strongly of dirt to me, I do like this one with the vanilla and cinnamon.

I usually drink it as a latte with a touch of honey, and tonight is no exception. Just need to finish it before I ensconce myself in bed, because my duvet and sheets are all white… very aesthetic, but not very practical.


Is it weird that there is good dirt tea and bad dirt tea? I still remember all those black fancy teas with “chocolate” notes that tasted like bad dirt to me,

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My other review of this is under one of the Yunnan sourcing entries.

It’s been a while since I had a tea quite like this. I’ve been drinking a lot of black teas and herbal teas, trying to get through my stash. But uhh, I have a LOT of puerh I need to drink.

This one, uhh, tastes wet. Yeah I know, tea is wet. But it gives the impression of leaf mulch. The damp understory of a forest. That kind of wet.

But it has body. A little tannin. Some sweetness.

Not what I’m used to drinking these days, but a nice change.


lol “wet”


yes. I will stand by the impression because the weather is decidedly POURING and so everything is wet.

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Ahh yes. Thank goodness I had a previous note on this one. Something shared with Dexter. (I have SO MUCH puerh shared with Dexter, it’s almost frightening).

This is really nice. Smooth. Spicy. Easy to drink. Easy to steep. Honestly if this were looser it’d be a great one for my parents. They don’t really do cakes, tho.

I’m really glad I don’t get rid of more teaware. Will I continue to use it? Who knows. But I’m enjoying it all today.

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Yep, I found a tea I can finish! I love the sweet resinous taste of the pine needles. Definitely need to ID some trees and can some spruce tip syrup or something in the spring.


Oh my gosh. The pine needles in this tea were harvested from a place I once called home. Haha! I feel like Brenden is part of the same constellation I inhabit. It wouldn’t surprise me if we’ve crossed paths at some point.


I’ve always wanted to try spruce tip syrup. My friend in Ontario makes it every year.


OH yeah, one of my friends up north made spruce tip syrup and said it’s really good. We have some spruce in the local park so I need to figure out how to ID them (I’m so bad with evergreens) so I can harvest. I noticed trees and bushes are starting to bud up already…

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Hello hello.

I went through my teas today, organized things, bagged teas that I like to drink but don’t want to clean a strainer for, etc.

And I found a tin of samples. Heh.

This one is from Sil. I do like it. It’s sweet. A bit sharp as raw puerh can be. I don’t have anything excellent to say about it. Just. It’s nice. I appreciate drinking it today. Thanks!

Cameron B.

Hi there! :D


Haha. Hello. Wow. Already 15 days since I posted this? Yikes.

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drank Russian Caravan by Tea Centre
2279 tasting notes

Oh, this is good. Different from my standard Murchie’s blend for the fall, but delicious. It’s missing some of the… astringent/tannic flavour that Murchie’s has, but that’s explained by it being a different blend of teas!

I’m happy I got this, but I still might do an order from Murchie’s for the classic.

Taken with milk and a little maple syrup.

200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 15 sec 3 tsp 18 OZ / 532 ML

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I’ve been enjoying this tea SO MUCH. It’s so good in the afternoon with a dollop of milk.

I bought another 100g over the weekend, when I finally managed to go visit my parents. Transit isn’t really safe, especially considering my mom helps care for her mom, so I rented a car and isolated 2 weeks prior, got a super fancy mask for the ferry (because if you’re not on the upper decks, you have to leave your car), etc, etc. It was a procedure, and so expensive, but also super worth it.

Yesterday was my day back home and it was really hard. Today, I’m trying to get through some homework for class. I better get back to that.


You did a good thing. Saying that on behalf of moms and dads everywhere.


It was so so so so nice to leave my apartment for a couple days. A big problem with living in a residential city (I live just outside Vancouver) with only one big park close by, is that I spend way too much time just at home. Exploring seems useless because every block is just more of the same houses, and I only want to walk on pavement for so long…

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This is a nice one to drink all afternoon. It’s a white puerh, and it’s not my absolute favourite one (I have a cake of my fav!), but it’s nice and sweet and the leaves look cool.

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Having this again. Reminiscent of bagged orange pekoe teas, yet more and better.

Malty, delicious, tea. IDK what the flavours are, friends. But it’s good and I like it as a nice basic non-assam black tea.

I’ll have to ask mom to get me more. :)

195 °F / 90 °C 3 min, 0 sec 2 tsp 16 OZ / 473 ML

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Hahaha. All reviews of this tea are from me.

Had it today, steeped strong, with some maple syrup. I’m out of milk, you see, and can’t get to the store until tomorrow. And I needed caffeine.

Today is the second day of class for me. It’s gonna be A Lot. A good Lot, but A Lot.

Is it naptime yet? (No, I’m still on a zoom meeting. It’s been 5 hours.)

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I mostly drink black tea.

Also: A map of tea places in Vancouver. I’ve been to some of them, but not a lot. If you have any suggestions, please let me know!


Vancouver, BC, Canada



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