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drank Pumpkin Earl Grey by DAVIDsTEA
95 tasting notes

I guess I expected something more unique than what it is, because it’s not really any different than any other pumpkiny tea out there. It smells and tastes good, but it’s really nothing special.

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Thanks for the samples, Plum Deluxe!

I’ve never had a custard apple before, so I can’t attest to how much like one this tastes. If they’re anything like this tea though, I’d be happy to try one. It’s got a sweet, creamy, fruity taste that’s a little bit appley (although that could probably also be due to the apple pieces), and maybe just a bit like a pear.

I’d like to give it a shot iced. It’s lovely hot, but I’d imagine it’d make a nice iced tea too.

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drank Vanilla Black by Harney & Sons
95 tasting notes

Binge-watched all of Castlevania season 3. Time well-spent, I say.

I really like this one. In both scent and flavor it’s creamy and vanilla-y. It’s one of my go-to teas in the morning, whether by itself or mixed with a berry or floral tea. Or a chocolate tea for added creaminess. That works too.

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drank Yellowstone by Simpson & Vail
95 tasting notes

It’s a good day to start reviewing some of the teas I have while rewatching Harry Potter movies.

Don’t see too many prickly pear teas around other than herbal ones (and those will usually have hibiscus, which is the biggest NO ever for me), so this had me curious. Plus, 10% of all sales in the National Parks tea line go to charities supporting those parks.

The first thing that hit me when I opened the package was a strong fruity scent that reminded me of gum or candy. That carries over to the brewed tea as well, to the point that I could still smell it from the other room over. I mainly tasted prickly pear and strawberry. The bergamot, not so much. If you were expecting something like a prickly pear Earl Grey, you’d be disappointed. If you like fruity teas, strawberry, or prickly pear, I’d give it a shot.


Oh the first one on Steepster to try the parks teas! :D


Yep. Look at me, being a trendsetter. :D Think I’ll try the Smoky Mountains blend when I don’t have a massive surplus of teas on-hand.

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Okay yeah, Harney had a Leap Year sale so I splurged. Did I really need more tea? No, not really. I could build a fort out of all my Harney tins. But there was a sale, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

It’s got that Harney chocolate tea taste, but much lighter than their chocolate black tea, or any of their other chocolate-flavored tea blends like Florence or Soho. Other than that, there’s a bit of toastiness from the hojicha. Dos it really remind me of tiramisu? No, not really. If I didn’t know better I’d just assume it was a chocolate-flavored tea and nothing else.

I do like it though. I could see myself going for it when I want something light and sweet, and not one of my heavier teas. Probably in the middle of the afternoon and not so much first thing in the morning when I need something good and caffeinated.

Off to break out Code Vein again, since I bought the season pass. :D


Oh cool.  I just noticed that Harney has a Tournament of teas type thing on their site. Unfortunately, there aren’t many on the bracket that I would consider to be their best teas.  My favorites, at least from older harvests: Hot cinnamon sunset, Paris, Tower of London, Golden Monkey, Indian Nimbu, Vanilla Comoro,  Matcha iri genmaicha


Actually, here are brackets I would have came up with, even though some of these teas are gone now :D
Paris vs. Tower of London
Indian Nimbu  vs.  Matcha Iri Genmaicha
Golden Monkey vs. Tippy Yunnan
Hot Cinnamon Sunset Vs. Valentine’s
Yellow Fairy vs. Wenshan Baozhong
Vanilla Comoro vs. Roasted Buckwheat matcha
Nahorhabi  Full Leaf Assam vs. Vieux Paris
Dragon Pearl Jasmine vs. Green tea with Coconut

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Replaying FF7 on my Switch in gleeful anticipation of the PS4 remake. Gamer girl’s gotta game. Anyway. I enjoy nutty teas, but I’ve never had a pecan one. Hazelnut, almond, chestnut, and walnut yes, but never pecan. And so, I figured I’d give this a try.

I’m glad I did. I could drink this every day, and in fact I pretty much have since I got it. Both dry and brewed, it smells amazingly good. There’s big chunks of pecan in the tea, and pecan’s the dominant flavor. The cinnamon plays nice in the background and doesn’t overpower it. My only problem is that I’m going through it a little too quickly since I like it so much.


I was thinking of FF7 the other day… but I’ve never played it. :D


It’s one of my favorites, and I’ve replayed it a lot. I might actually be going through it too quickly because I don’t have enough money to properly equip my party, haha.

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I certainly paid enough to get this online, since I can’t find it anywhere near me. Not even in Netcost which has a full range of Ahmad teas.

It smells faintly of pear, with another odd, almost musty scent that’s not cinnamon. It’s not like it stinks, but on the other hand it isn’t particularly nice. Flavor-wise it’s mostly pear, a little bit of cinnamon, and some sort of funky undertone that I don’t quite care for. It might be the base tea itself, I don’t know. When the tea’s warm it’s not so bad, but when it cools that taste becomes a lot more noticeable.

Definitely overpriced for what it is at $7 a box for 15 sachets, and doesn’t live up to all the glowing reviews I’ve seen for it. I’ll finish what I have, but I won’t seek it out again.

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I wanted to like this. I really did. I love pumpkin spice, and it smells wonderful. It remind me of pumpkin bread, all toasty and warm and full of spices.

Sadly, the pleasant smell is as far as it goes. The base is way too strong and astringent, overpowering all of the spices. You get all the nice pumpkin spice flavor, but pushing it’s way front and center is the bitter, astringent base, so it’s hard to enjoy it. Steeping it for three minutes or less tones down the astringency, but at the expense of the spices as well.

And pumpkin? Forget it, it’s not even there.

Flavors: Astringent, Bitter

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It’s a nice enough tea, but if you’re looking for something with a lot of maple flavor, I’d pass. The maple is very subtle, and you’re probably not going to really notice it unless you add sugar to your tea.

Also I think it tastes a little like raisins for some reason. I don’t know. Something about it’s just reminding me of Sun-Maid raisins. Weird.

Flavors: Maple, Raisins

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Even though my profile picture’s the worgen crest, rest assured my heart belongs to the Horde.

I’m a gamer girl who drinks a lot of tea. My tastes tend heavily towards black tea, though I won’t turn down a nice green or white either.

I stay away from most herbals because far too many of them have hibiscus. I find hibiscus disgusting. Nor am I a fan of rooibos; the taste has to be pretty heavily masked for me to drink it. Usually if I’m drinking a tisane it’s something purely floral like lavender, or rose buds, or chrysanthemum.

I’ll almost always put sugar in my tea, unless it’s something that really doesn’t work well with it (I will never ever add sugar to lapsang souchong again) or something that honestly doesn’t need it or would be ruined by it, like most unflavored greens or whites.

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