737 Tasting Notes

drank Lover's Cup by Unknown Vendor
737 tasting notes

Sooo got an once of this tea from the farmer’s market trip with my family a couple months back, I think in April it was? Not entirely sure.
There was only ONE tea shop in the entire Farmer’s Market, and I didn’t even go there for tea in the first place. I heard there was boba there, so I went. And then they ended up not having it, sooo I just decided to get a couple teas. Most of them were over-priced, but this one wasn’t too bad and apparently it was one of the most popular blends. It was a jasmine/rose/vanilla blend. Soo I was interested.
It’s definitely flowery. Like really flowery. I taste a little jasmine but it’s mostly rose flavor and other flowery flavors. Also a pretty strong vanilla flavor in there. It’s a really odd blend. I think that if the flowery flavors were toned down a bit I’d like it more, but for me it’s too much. Just like Rivendell From WP was. If you like That tea, you would probably really like this blend. Sent some to a couple tea buddies already, well actually just one. Still need to write Albertocanfly back so I can officially send her tea package. Hopefully she will like it. I’m really curious to hear her thoughts.
It’s not the worse tea I’ve ever had, but not my favorite. Too much flower power in this tea. D:

Flavors: Floral, Flowers, Jasmine, Rose, Vanilla


hugs Ooo, sounds lovely! :} And don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere:]


You’re here! I haven’t seen you on here for so long!!! Hi!!! I missed you!!!


I had some extra time this week! :] I just wanted to read up on what teas you have had lately and see what you are liking and disliking because I have some teas that I want to send your way! I miss you, too! :]


P.S. Stop tempting me with your stash sale!! >:0 You always have yummy teas at good prices…:P

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drank White Orchard by Mighty Leaf Tea
737 tasting notes

Another sample from The Cookie Lady! There’s a few teas I’ve always really wanted to try from Mighty Tea Leaf but this is the first one I’ve tried! Not a bad one to start off with actually. (:
It says on here that this one has a lot of melon flavors, but I mostly just taste canaloupe and white peaches. It’s kinda sweet, kinda tart-y. It’s a nice blend of flavors. I don’t think that I would buy this one myself, but it’s a nice tea to sample. Definitely makes me more interested in their other teas though. Hopefully in the future I can swap with someone who has the teas from this company I’d like to try. Because on their website it doesn’t seem like you can just get samples of their teas, which is annoying…but oh well. Happy to have tried this one! Thanks again for the sample, The Cookie Lady!!

Flavors: Cantaloupe, Peach, Sweet, Tart

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drank Chocolate Mint by Harney & Sons
737 tasting notes

This is a decent chocolate mint tea. It’s pretty strong; both of the flavors. Reminds me of an Andes mint. Recently, if you have seen my other tasting notes, I’ve realized that I’m not a huge chocolate tea kind of person, which makes sense since I’m not really much of a chocolate person anyway. But I could see myself drinking this one every once in a while. Not bad, not my favorite though. But it’s a good tea, pleasant drink. If only it were fully herbal, then that would give me more reason to buy it…Not really sure what it is.
Just saying herbal/black tea on here. So yeah, I dunno. Anyway! Happy I got to try it, thanks for the sample The Cookie Lady!! I will enjoy the second tea bag of this you gave me later. (:

Flavors: Chocolate, Mint, Peppermint

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drank Jin Xuan Black by Tealux
737 tasting notes

Got this tea in a swap with Amanda ‘SoggyEnderman’ Wilson! Oh goodness girl, I keep having to copy and paste your username because it’s so long! XD Thanks for sending me this though!
This one wasn’t my absolute favorite, but it wasn’t bad. It had strong woody notes, as well as strong bready notes. I drank a whole cup and a half of it. It helped break up the milky/creamy notes in the ice cream oolong this morning. :P
Was the perfect contrast haha!
This tea wasn’t super flavorful but it was decent. Not my favorite, but a pleasant cup of tea. I enjoyed drinking it. And I mean, I probably would have spent my own money on it one day but I am glad I didn’t. Too much woodiness for me personally, but that’s alright. It was a pleasant cup still and happy to have tried it through a swap. Thanks again! (:

Flavors: Bread, Wood

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Holy crap, you guys! This tea legit smells and tastes just like ice cream! It totally has that creamy, vanilla flavor to it! I was shocked at how much it tastes like ice cream, I’ve never tried anything like it. Too bad that it’s already out of stock, more people should be able to try it!
I really like it, but it does have that creaminess to it that makes me feel nauseous. I drank a cup of it today, along with another tea at the same time (different cups though…xD) so it kinda broke up the milky flavor so it didn’t make me sick. But I still feel like it has that potential. If it does it’s gonna have to go on the sale list. :( But I hope not. It’s a remarkable tea that is spot on with ice cream. Which I barely eat anymore becuase it always gave me insane heartburn or made me super sick back in the day…well like three years ago constantly, but I’ve not really been able to have it again since. My pain wasn’t absolutely horrible this morning when I was drinking tea though, so that also helped me not so prone to getting sick. I’m gonna try it again. Just have to remember to drink it at a completely safe time for me physically. I really lovee the vanilla flavor in this tea, it’s insanely good. I don’t wanna give it uppp!

Flavors: Cream, Creamy, Milk, Sweet, Vanilla


Oh I’m so glad I picked this up. I haven’t tried it yet, but your note has made me extremely excited!


I think you will love it! :D Glad another tea friend got the chance to get it-sold out fast!

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drank Marshmallow Assam by 52teas
737 tasting notes

Soo this is the second tea I had this morning. The name sounded amazing but I really didn’t have much hope that I’d like it since the rest of my last order from the old owner was a bust…But I was shocked at how good it was.
I really really hope that the new owners that I keep forgetting the name of…is it Annie? Or something that starts with an A? Oh goodness, this is what happens when you’re loaded on pain killers 24/7 guys. :P
But anyway I hope that she blends this one!! Like I totally smelled the marshmallow and malt from the dry leaf aroma and when I drank it those flavors were even stronger! I have had such bad luck with 52Teas, but holy crap guys! This one is a legit winner! I wish I had gotten more than one bag of this one! It’s so sweet and marshmallow-y, and yet malty from the assam base at the same time! Ahh this is a good one guys! :D :D :D Please re-blend this one, 52Teas new owner (that I think is Annie but I’m not really sure. Sorry. One day I will get it right)

Flavors: Malt, Marshmallow, Sweet


Anne – me! I’m the new owner. Actually, no, Amethyst (My daughter) is the new owner. I’m the mad tea artist. I’m the one blending the teas.

I probably will reblend this one but with a different Assam. I like the Assam that I use in my black tea blend, so I probably would do that with this.


Dang tea drunkards!!! ;P


Knew it was something with an A! Okay, Hopefully I will remember Anne. Well, how it’s spelled I mean. Thoughhh I’m not gonna lie, LiberTEAS, it’s gonna take a long time to get your daughter’s name down xD Btw, is she on here? Like does she run the 52Teas page or anything?


mrmopar :P


@Ost: No, she’s on facebook as Amethyst Bussey and we both post to the 52Teas page on Facebook. She will be the one handling the Instagram account when she gets that going. She’s not as devoted to tea as I am – I’m the one for the passion for tea, she’s the one with the mind for business. :)


Ohh okay-well that makes sense. Will have to remember that! I’ll just have to keep going back to this tasting note for reference when I am blanking out on who to thank for an amazing tea! :P


Yeah, I’m the one crafting the teas. But she does help with the packaging. But as far as the actual product goes – that’s me.

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I’ve come to a realization today.
I’m really not that huge on teas with chocolate notes. I mean, I like the Golden Monkey teas that have chocolate notes in it, and GO is pretty good-not my favorite and still don’t know for sure if I’m gonna buy more again. Like I went into GO thinking it was gonna be super vanilla-y. So I was pretty disappointed when it was just chocolate tea basically, but it was more of a deep, richer chocolate…if that makes sense? So I liked it, and I still have a little left, I really should drink the rest soon to see if I still like it. Feel like I used to be bigger on things tasting like chocolate-but only like a deep richer chocolate like GO. I rarely even eat chocolate. If I do it’s because there’s caramel with it or it’s combined with matcha or something.
This tea kinda surprised me. It was a strong flavor but it really reminded me of milk chocolate which I reallyyyy do not like to eat. Even if it’s a chocolate bar filled with caramel it’s just not that good when it is milk chocolate.. White chocolate I like though. Dark chocolate, I have to be in the mood for and that’s becoming more and more rare.
Milk chocolate…just no.
So yeah, I mean, if you LOVE teas that have chocolate flavors this is one for you! It really is chocolatey. It also has hints of like wood….kinda musty actually-even though that sounds horrible, like the chocolate is the main flavor so it’s not bad.
Not my favorite tea, but I have been wanting to try it for so long, so I’m excited I finally did! (:

Flavors: Chocolate, Milk, Musty, Wood


I love chocolate, but strangely I’m not big on chocolate teas either.

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drank Doke Rolling Thunder by Butiki Teas
737 tasting notes

So the description of this tea on Steepster has made me kinda confused-it’s a really broad range of flavors.xD But I wanted to try it, I believe it was The Cookie Lady that sent me it. If I’m wrong someone let me know! But whoever it was thank you!
So happy to try another one of Butiki’s teas again! Especially since they are gone. It’s like the last chance to try an extinct tea, ya know? Well probably gonna be extinct soon at least I mean. xD
Anyway, this was an interesting oolong. Didn’t know what I excepted going in. The dry leaf and even steeping aroma wasn’t very strong. And when I began to drink it, it wasn’t very bold in flavor either. At first I thought I tasted that roasted flavor I hate in oolongs, but then this nutty flavor took over that really changed by mind about this one. I was all ready to be done with it but it turned out to be a pleasant tea to drink. Not something I’d buy, but it was great to try! I’d definitely drink it again.

Flavors: Nuts, Nutty, Peanut, Roasted

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drank Assam by Joseph Wesley Black Tea
737 tasting notes

So this is the second tea from my first ever order from Joseph Wesley Tea!!! I loveee assam teas, so I got a sample of it. Well, all the teas I got were samples except their Limited Edition TGY that is INCREDIBLE!! I don’t know why I never logged it, it totally slipped my mind! D: I’ll have to do that soon.
Anyway so this is the second one I’m trying!
And holy shanghai!! IT’S ANOTHER HIT! I ADORE this tea!
Since black teas seem to be hit or miss with me these days, it felt like a huge surprise that I loved it so much! The main flavor of course is malt, which is one of my fav flavors in black tea! Tasted a bit of maybe honey…it was kinda sweet, and also kinda a bit chocolate-y. I think I oversteeped it a tiny bit so it also had a bitter note in there.
But overall it’s a total win in my book! I definitely will buy this again. And I am pretty sure it’s gonna be a staple on my shelf.
Another win by Joseph Wesley Tea!!!! :D :D :D

Flavors: Bitter, Chocolate, Dark Bittersweet, Honey, Malt, Sweet

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drank Chamomile by Trader Joe's
737 tasting notes

So like I hadn’t tried plain chaomomile so I decided to pick this up at the store (before my bro sent me chamomile). But I actually tried the chamomile from my bro first which actually tasted way fresher.
Opened a tea bag of it, didn’t smell that strong. And yeah…just didn’t taste good. It just tasted really old….
Don’t know why though. Eh.
Didn’t even make me feel relaxed or tired like the other did. This is a fail tea basically. D:
Oh welllll
Trader Joes should stay like with cookies…they have really good cookies. Particularly their newish maple leaf cookies. HOLY SHANGHAI. It’s freakin’ heaven. Love it.
Anyway but yeah this tea sucks

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I’m not too sharp with intros, but I figured it is about time to give it a go.
I started out drinking oolong and green tea that my dad brought home from his China business trips.
Then I discovered Teavana, and fell in love with some of their teas. Eventually I stumbled across Steepster, and a whole ‘nother world opened up.
Have discovered so many different kinds of teas, and have been loving this journey! The tea world is insanely big and amazing! And I’ve met some of the kindest people here who have broadened my horizons in more ways I could have imagined! Happy to be here, and to be drinking so many amazing teas! :D

My rating system:
1-59: Really really not a fan. An awful cup of tea for me…Totally undrinkable.

60-69: Not horrible, but not something I’d ever drink again willingly.

70-79: Pretty good. Wouldn’t mind drinking ever so often. But not a keeper.

80-100: FREAKIN’ AMAZING. Always keeping on stock in my home!!

I like pretty much any kind of tea except green tea. Unless it’s genmaicha or strongly flavored, I don’t like it usually.

My Tea Goals:
To find the Best Caramel Tea
To find the Best Vanilla Tea
To find the Best floral Oolong
To find the Best Malty Assam Tea
To find the Best Maple/Syrup Tea

Notes I like: Fruit(primarily peach, melon/honeydew, Banana, Kiwi, but I’m open to other kinds), Malt, Desserts (Toffee, Cake, Cookie,etc), Vanilla, Caramel, Floral, Sweet potato, Pastry/Bread,Jasmine, Honey, Cocoa, Chocolate, Maple, Nutty, Coconut, Almond.

Notes I’m Picky with: Lemon, Chai, Roasted, Blueberries, Hibiscus, Smoke, Earthiness, Puerhs, White Teas, and Cinnamon

Notes I hate: Citrus/Orange (Everything that I hate in this life that I have to take for my health is orange flavored, and it just makes me gag…so please…just no), Watermelon, Raspberry, Wood, Apple, Bacon, Lavender, Most mints, Pepper, Spicy, Tart/sour.

Yes, I am a picky tea drinker, but I’ll usually try any straight black or oolong tea that I receive. I like most oolongs, and I’m still discovering straight blacks. They always seem to surprise me no matter what!

And Swaps! I’m always down for swapping. Everything in my cupboard is swap-able. So just hit me up and send a message and we can totally do that!

On an unrelated to tea note, my other interests are limited due to health issues. But when I can, I enjoy reading and writing. Watching Netflix and YouTube have also been fantastic when I feel awful (which is most of the time).
I love Rifftrax, Rooster Teeth, Dexter, Hannibal, BBC’s Robin Hood, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Psych, and Parks and Rec.
Love watching all sorts of movies too, but that would be too much to list. :P
I’m definitely more of an internet person and love talking to people on every website I’m on. So if you ever wanna chat, shoot me a message! ^^


California, USA



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