The Scented Leaf in Tucson, Arizona
Otter2848 rated this place
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I loved this place. The atmosphere is very welcoming and very relaxed, complete with free wifi and comfy lounge seating as well as traditional table seating. The staff was very nice and open to my personal taste in teas and she wanted to know what I liked in detail. She recommended an Oolong, as I love strong teas. I tried Fanciest Formosa Oolong iced and fell in love with it’s flavor and feel. As far as pricing, the iced tea was a little expensive; a little over 4 dollars including tax. However due to the wonderfully large selection and brilliant atmosphere, it was well worth it. I have been informed that they also have a wonderful hot tea service, in which you can re-steep your leaves as often as you like and they renew your hot water as often as needed for a small set price. Overall it was a great place to enjoy good tea and good people.


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