drank Red Velvet Cake by DAVIDsTEA
49 tasting notes

The word of the review today is SWEET, brought to you by the letter S. I was really, really hyped for this tea too, considering the entire Cake Tea thing that went on awhile back smelt all too sickly sweet and rooibos-y for me. But this was a black tea, so I bravely dove in. The tea itself reminds me of red velvet cake in appearance.

Right when I saw the white chocolate bits in it I knew I was dealing with a tea that wasn’t going to need any sugar, cream or agave, but in the interest of experimentation, maybe one day when I’m feeling adventurous I’ll attempt a latte of it. Bottom line, it smelt not like red velvet cake, but butterscotch. Really, creamy, butterscotch. So I opten to try it straight first.

Took a sip.

And…I felt my face contort slightly. Wince. Another sip. Nope. Maybe I’ll finish the cup? Nope. Couldn’t even manage that, and that was several months ago in the winter when I first picked this up, and am only just now getting around to reviewing. I haven’t touched Red Velvet Cake since. The whole affair reeks of a butterscotchy, non-cakey, too sweet mix that rightly tastes like theres some bloody intrusive rooibos or something in there. Its way too sweet for it to be properly drinkable for me.

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