Today is a sad, sad day for Owlie. She re-found this little sample in her tea cupboard, with no idea where it came from. Intrigued, she pulled it out and saw “CHAI” jump out at her in bold black letters. Thrilled, she put the kettle on.

And died a little inside because no chai should ever be like this. No she decided, this was NOT a chai at all, not a true spicy delicious, creamy-with-milk confection of cinnamon and clovey complex goodness but some abomination of a green concoction with pepper tossed it at whim to appease the tea gods need for a sacrifice of spice. The stevia, she decided with a grimace, was a heavy-handed and whole-hearted mistake. “This tea,” she proclaimed, "would possibly have been far more enjoyable had it not been stamped with the misleading moniker of CHAI. Otherwise I would not feel so horribly deceived by the actual tea.

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