30 Tasting Notes


We found this tea at TJ Maxx and grabbed a can. I like ginger, I like pineapple, and I think the two sound like they would be very good together. It would probably be much better to control what goes in the tea yourself.

This tea is legitimately horrible. It’s a nice dark tea, but the pleasantries end right there. There is no pineapple or ginger taste to it. At all. It’s bitter and tastes like nothing I can really explain. The scent isn’t any better. I hate to admit it, after choking down one cup, I just dumped my second when my roommate mistook it for chai.

I have almost a full tin left, and I need to think of who might want it so I can pawn it off on someone.

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I’m reviewing but not rating this one, because I’m giving two different opinions.

My roommate saw this when we went grocery shopping yesterday and just had to try it. I was a little dubious, because I think I had it a few years ago and didn’t like it. My roommate loves it. She loves the bright color and flavor, loves how fruity it is, loves how sweet it is.

I can’t stand it. It tastes like microwaved fruit juice. Not even pomegranate. No, it tastes like APPLES. After “tea” the next ingredient is “apple juice.” If it’s pomegranate tea, the second ingredient after “tea” should be “pomegranate.” All the other fruit flavors are very prominent and overpowers the tea itself, and there’s nary a HINT of what the tea was named for.

If you want a pomegranate tea, skip this. For the love of all that is tasty, skip it. Try Yogi’s green tea with pomegranate instead.

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drank Eggnogg'n by Bigelow
30 tasting notes

I must say that I didn’t know what to expect when I first tried this. I don’t think I would have bought it if I had found it myself, but my roommate got it from a friend. I do like eggnog, so I figured I’d give it a try.

I don’t really like it. It does not taste like tea or eggnog. Instead, it taste to me like a boxed yellow cake mix. I doubt that I will ever finish the rest. I added sugar and soy milk, and it did almost nothing to improve the taste.

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Well, this one was a disappointment for me. I quite like coconut, and chais are one of my favorite kinds of tea. I tried this, and it made me think of spiced coconut water. Not tea. I could barely get the taste of tea in it, and the coconut actually was powerful enough to hide most of the spices. I wasn’t impressed, and have not had a cup of this by itself since.

Instead, I steep it along with a bag or Twinings Ultra Spice to even it out and add a lot of soymilk. That’s the only thing that has saved this tea for me. The combo of the two is much more pleasant for me, and is the only reason I’m not pawning the rest of the tin off onto my roommate.

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This is a very strong Irish breakfast, and very good because of it. It’s very rich and dark in color, and rather unique in flavor as far as IB teas go. As the description states, it is a very robust tea, and I quite enjoy it.

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This is quite a delightful tea. It’s very light, almost airy, and very delicate for a black tea. It’s slightly on the sweet side, needing very little if any additional sweetening. I tried it with a little honey and soy milk, and have found it’s best that way, though good any way you make it. I only got it a couple days ago, but it has already found a place among my favorites.

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I’m trying my first cup of this right now, and I must say that I’m not particularly impressed. On the other hand, I’m having it hot at the moment when I know I like my fruit tea cold. As it is, it smells wonderfully of peach, quite a delightful aroma, but I find it to be slightly sweet while still being somewhat bland. I’m now waiting for the cup to cool so I can try it the way I usually would have it.

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This tea has sat in my roommate’s stash of tea for ages, the box unopened until I found it last month. This morning is only my second cup of it, with a little sugar. Twinings China Keemun is a nice dark tea, with a rich smooth flavor as stated on the box. It has a bit of a smoky scent and taste to it that lingers for a moment.All in all, rather enjoyable.

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A lady I went to school with gave me this tea a few weeks ago. She tried it and hated it, but she said I could give it a try and see if I liked it any better. I didn’t.

As a hot tea, this was horrible. It made me wince and not touch the cup for the next four hours. By then, it was room temp, and almost bearable to drink. I decided that it would make a better iced tea than anything else. Chilled, it’s a little better, a little fruity but nothing I could really identify. I used the last of what was given to me to make a couple pitchers of cold tea, but I mixed it 2:3 with a strawberry tea, added one pomegranate for a bit more color, and sweetened liberally. It’s really the only way I can drink it without choking. By itself it was a pale pinkish color, I believe, and I wasn’t able to pinpoint what I was tasting when I first had it.

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When I was at my parents’ house the other day, I gave this a try again. Not bad, but it’s not one that I’d get for my cupboard.

I’m not usually one for hot fruit tea, but this one is all right. It smells wonderfully spiced with a bit of orange, but the flavors are reversed with a little more orange than spice. It’s drinkable, but still not one that I would drink often.

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Just a down-on-their-luck artist who went to massage school, lives off of tea and home-cooking, and shares an apartment in a three-story sh— hole with a cool roommate and two cats.

I like my black tea hot, my fruit tea cold, and my herbal tea any way. Preferably without cat hair.


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