30 Tasting Notes


I’m not quite sure about this one yet. I tried it earlier today, but I think I added too much water to it. So it was rather watered-down and bland, though it did smell wonderfully like gingerbread. It also has a distinct milkiness that I’m not sure I like, and I’m hoping the milk product in it is a small enough amount to not upset my stomach.

I’ll be giving it a second try tonight, though, in a smaller cup.

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drank Gun Powder by Chami
30 tasting notes

I honestly don’t remember what it tasted like to me, as I tried this some time last year. I just remember that I thought it was awful and that I swore I’d never drink another cup of it. It’s one of the only times I ever dumped a cup down the sink.

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I guess my roommate has had this in bag form for ages. Now, I love chai, but I don’t like vanilla, but I figured I would try some last year. I’m not sure if it’s the tea itself, or if it was because it was older than dirt, but that’s what it tasted like. Glorified dirt soaked in hot water. It was earthy and very musty, so I’m leaving the rest of it for her, since she likes it. Once it’s gone, maybe I’ll get her another box and try some that’s fresh and adjust my rating accordingly.

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Now this is a tea with with a bite to rival a hyena’s. The first time I made a cup, I let the bag sit for a couple minutes and it was overwhelmingly ginger, as if I’d just grabbed a ginger root soaked in lemon for a brief while and chomped into it. The next time, I dunked the bag until the color looked about right and the scent was just enough to take over everything else when I leaned over the cup. That cup was much more balanced and proved to be very good with some honey in it.

This is a very good tea for colds, sore throats, and digestive problems (and menstrual cramps, i hear) , if you can handle it’s strength. Personally, I find it strong to the point where I can only have it once in a while, and mostly when I’m ill.

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My roommate has had this since before she moved in with me. And… I can’t say whether or not it makes much of a difference. She doesn’t like it, and I can’t say I can stand the smell of it for too long…

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This is one of my current favorites. I find it nicely sweet, since it already has stevia leaf in the bag, so it needs very little (if any) additional sweetening. In comparison to some white tea with pomegranate that my roommate bought, it is very sweet. It’s a beautiful bright red color, and I love the sweet smell of it. It’s good hot or cold, which is odd of fruit teas for me.

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I quite like this tea. I’m not a fan of licorice, but it follows the minty taste very nicely. It’s a soothing tea, with a mild spiciness, quite a nice aroma, and it’s very good for both cold days and digestive problems.

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This is okay. If I can’t find another mint tea, I’ll drink it, but I’m not too fond of the mix of mint flavors.

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drank Earl Grey by Bigelow
30 tasting notes

This is probably one of the only teas by this company I wasn’t disappointed in. I haven’t tried many brands of Earl Grey, so I did enjoy this one and don’t really have any others to compare to.

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I honestly didn’t know what to make of this when I tried it. I wouldn’t know how to describe it, but I just couldn’t place the flavor. Not quite vanilla, not quite caramel, but still sweet and somehow pleasant despite the fact it didn’t taste anything like what it should.

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Just a down-on-their-luck artist who went to massage school, lives off of tea and home-cooking, and shares an apartment in a three-story sh— hole with a cool roommate and two cats.

I like my black tea hot, my fruit tea cold, and my herbal tea any way. Preferably without cat hair.


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