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Finally, I own this tea! Having missed the tiny timeframe in which you could order this blend last year, I JUMPED on the occasion when I saw that they were selling it again this year. Shipping costs didn’t matter – I had to have it.
And what a joy. Oh I can’t tell you enough how much I love this one.

They advertise it as a Quince, Chestnut and Honey-flavoured Lapsang. Well, it definitely is exactly that – but it is so, so much more. When I opened the tin it felt like I was smelling an entire Christmas market: small wooden huts where they sell bredala and candles, bonfires for people to hold their gloved hands at and warm them a bit, the little locomotive where a man with steampunk goggles and a long coat sells freshly roasted chestnuts. All of this was in this tin that I was holding.

I brewed it as indicated on the tin, 5 minutes and 100°C. I recommend following these instructions as I think that that’s when the tea is best, now that I’ve had it a few times.

I am so in love with this tea that I don’t think I can be as objective as I should be here. I first got a fruitiness mixed with the sweetness of the honey, which brought to mind candied fruit as they’re sold on holidays. It’s a deep fruitiness that mixes well with the chestnut, too. A beautiful flavouring for an autumn-themed blend.

And then there’s the Lapsang and its smokiness – what a genius idea to use it with those flavours? The smokiness makes the autumn flavours so much richer while adding something of its own. It’s lovely! It feels like drinking a cold red-leaved forest lit by candles in small lanternes. It tastes like a tiny snowy village at night and a cracking log in the fireplace. It’s such a comforting tea.

I love this one. I’m obsessed. I’m literally giggling as I’m typing this review. I cannot recommend this enough – if you can, try this!

Flavors: Fireplace, Fruity, Smoke, Sweet

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec 3 tsp 34 OZ / 1000 ML

Oh my goodness! This sounds like something I should go out of my way to get!

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Oh my goodness! This sounds like something I should go out of my way to get!

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I got into tea-tasting in the summer of 2018 – before that I enjoyed tea without really thinking about it.
I like: Lapsang Souchong, that cheap Earl Grey in the morning, and teas that don’t pretend to be better than they are.
I don’t like: aromas used to hide poor quality, clearly overpriced tea, colonialist aesthetics.

I’m quite fond of a few Dammann Frères blends and I’m obsessed with Fortnum and Mason’s Lapsang.

Hit me up for tea shop recs in Alsace (France)!

My ratings:
100-90: I’m in love and drinking this forever
89-70: very good tea, will gladly drink again
69-50: pretty okay, might drink again
49-30: not convincing, probably won’t drink again
below 30: won’t drink again and do not recommend

Current obsessions: Autumn Tea, Fortnum & Mason



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