I recently purchased a bunch of tazo teas and Refresh was one of them. The first time I made this tea I was like ok it’s ok but nothing great. Then I came down with the flu and was nauseated. This is the perfect tea for feeling bad in any way. I can definately taste the combination of peppermint and spearmint. They overpower the tarragon, but that’s fine with me as it is a mint tea and is called refresh, which it tastes like a mint tea and does refresh. Now, the tarragon is very subtle but when you are sick that licorice from the tarragon really settles your stomach. I like my hot tea HOT and my iced tea cold. I steep this for 5 minutes. If I wasn’t sick I would give this tea a rating in the 60’s maybe low 70’s, however when your nauseated, which in my opinion is the worst feeling in the world as well as having the flu or a cold there in no number high enough for something that tastes good and makes you feel comfortable. The mintyness really is great for that post nasal drip. This tea has wonderful medicinal properties. The only negative tea as someone who likes their tea hot is that bc of the mintyness the tea seems cooler and I have to reheat it as I like to sip and savor my tea and reheating the tea changes the taste and makes it more bitter.

205 °F / 96 °C

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