Leaf: Huge tightly rolled balls, approximately the size of a small marble.

Water: I let the water get really hot, just under a full boil.

Amount: I used 4 balls for 8 oz of water.

First steeping:
5 minutes: The balls have completely unfurled. The tea is a medium shade of amber. This tea is hot! Sipping on it, there is nothing that special about it. It tastes very similar to the black tea that they have at a lot of the Chinese restaurants on my college campus. However, I let it cool for a few minutes, so I could actually drink a full mouthfull, and the flavor is much more complex. It is very malty, with just a hint of a sweet, caramel-like flavor. It’s very rich and thick.

Second steeping:
10 minutes: The tea is a lighter, caramel color. It has exuded most of its nuance in the previous steeping, unfortunately.

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After logging all of our tea, I’m vaguely horrified by how much we have. Especially because I know that we’re getting another huge sampler in a few days… Oh well, more inspiration to drink a lot more tea!

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