Brought some random samples to my parents for the xmas weekend and this the the second one I pulled out. Started it up around 2pm and it’s 7pm now.

This tea is like a ghost. There’s this reminder that this tea once had a light smokiness to it, but if you try to pay attention it’s there but at the same time it just doesn’t present itself so you have to look. The color doesn’t give an impression that it is 10 years old, but the taste comes through as a 15-20 year old dry stored Mengku with some more moist/wet notes to it. For what it is, it’s incredibly clean making it the easiest to drink YQH yet. There’s this tough tasting sweetness at the upfront notes that reminds me of that nasty fruit that it popular for looks called starfruit. At $.65/g, it provides a $3 session that last hours requiring little attention as it is an easy drinker. Not going to remark on feels because I was and am not in the environment in which I would feel heat go throughout me; unless it somehow had combustible properties and my cells began to spark fire.

Liquid is thin. Lasting taste fades over three minutes and comes through by stimulation of tongue. Leaf has a dead color but the stems show quality through the thickness and light magenta color. Easy to brew and needs pushing as you go on.

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